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Has anybody heard of or seen bichirs just shove their head into rocks… and then just sit there?

Darryl is nearly 2 years old, eat well, and often swims around the tank like the others with him. But over the last few weeks, I keep catching him doing this… he’ll just sit lile that for a while, then eventually lift his head and swim off. First photo shows the position best - he lifted his head a little to look at me in the close up.

Not too sure who to ask… @jayce-space @aquariadise ???

If you’re a butch who has/wants a skincare routine, that’s ok. You’re still a butch.

But I also want to acknowledge how butches are seen as lazy and dirty and ugly for not doing these things. That’s so wildly untrue and just plain gross. Actively not conforming to traditional femininity or literally just not caring does not make you those things. If you’re a butch who doesn’t want anything to do with skincare, that’s ok, too.

And I really want to emphasize that if you’re a butch who doesn’t have the mental or physical energy/ability to keep up a skincare routine, that’s ok. Or if you’re a butch who can’t afford to keep up skincare routine, that’s ok. You still deserve to be treated with respect.

Butches don’t need to do a specific thing to be valuable as humans, especially if they don’t have the ability or resources to do those things. Butches are an amazing and diverse group of people and they deserve so much love.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé, photographed on a yacht in St. Tropez, France on August 19, 2003.

That Summer Hov had coached his “S. Carter” team through to the final of the infamous Rucker Park “Entertainers Basketball Classic.” His power clique had included two Rucker veterans, rebound machine John “Franchise” Strickland and sweet shooter Reggie “Hi-5” Freeman, along with NBA players Lamar Odom, LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, Jamal Crawford, Kenyon Martin, Shaquille O’Neal and Sebastian Telfair.

On August 14 in the final game they were due to face the reigning champs, Fat Joe’s “Terror Squad" team. But disaster struck the day of the final: a massive blackout engulfed New York City; leaving over 55 million citizens in the United States and Canada without electricity for nearly twenty-four hours. Tournament organizers planned to reschedule the game for the following week, but there was a major problem: Jay had already booked a private jet for August 15 to fly himself and Beyoncé to Europe for a two-week vacation. This was one of their first vacations together so, as committed as he was to his basketball team, he refused to reschedule or cancel the trip and risk alienating Bey in the early stages of their relationship.

The “S. Carter’ team would officially forfeit the match, meaning the “Terror Squad” were uncontested back-to-back champions. Putting his girlfriend over the game would mean that the beef between Jay and Fat Joe became stronger than ever.

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Dear Cassie, I'm currently watching the walking dead and I had to ask about who you thought- from the last hours -would most lilely survive the zombie apocalypse So here are the characters and their weapons: Cordelia and Cortana, James and his gun, or Grace and a whip (or whatever weapon she uses).

Cordelia and Cortana! That sword has magic badass powers we can only begin to comprehend. You should see what it does in LoS ;)

Honestly thank you NCTzens who attended the apple store thingy and made it known to johnny hes loved and handsome as hell, i have never seen him smile that hard on any event in my entire 2 and a half years of life as a johnny stan

The general reactions to the to the Jobs in 4.0 (old and new)
  • PLD: Holy shit, non-Flash or oGCD AoE (that doesn't generate hate, wtf). SHIELD OATH AT 30, HALLELUJAH! ... Wait, I can cast Holy? I HAVE MY OWN FELL CLEAVES?! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS, THEY LISTENED?!
  • WAR: Oh, yeah, triple Fell Cleaves- ... WAit, what, QUINTUPLE FELL CLEAVES?! HOLY SHIT, I'M WET!
  • DRK: ... Eh, not as fancy, but, still, good shit.
  • MNK: Hey, look, team synergy! ... Wait, where'd my personal dps go?
  • NIN: Oooooh shit, I get MY OWN LEYLINES! EEEEE
  • DRG: "Left Eye" "Right eye" "Gaze of the First Brood" ... wtf, I thought we killed Nidhogg?
  • MCH: FLAMETHROOOOOOOWER! (Also, I can Swiftsong now, lol)
  • BLM: Oh, thank god, Enochian is just tied to the Astral Fire/Umbral Ice timer now. And, wait, OH SHIT, THUNDER II AoE, YOOOOOO
  • SMN: On one hand, RIP my AoE DPS. On the other, FUCKING BAHAMUT.
  • WHM: Just... put these useless liles on my grave. To the SCH and AST, I leave my skills.
  • SCH: ... RIP my AoE DPS, too. Buuuuut, I get my own Battle Litany. So... *shrugs*
  • AST: No, SE, I wanted Noct to better mesh with my kit. I didn't WANT another flat buff! I mean, everything else is great and all, but, come on, I was already borderline broken.
  • SAM: So, uh, Monk, about your personal DPS...
  • RDM: "Ver" is like Frank's RedHot: We put that shit on everything. ... Also, it looks like I'm going to be the raise bitch of statics and 24 mans.

Ok but like am I the only one who gets like super on edge when I get a notification that dan posts something on Instagram now?? Like am I going to cry about knees td or can I relax?? Should I clear my schedule orrrr??? I need like a heads up now to just tell me “it’s only stairs you can sleep dw”