“Friday, the founder of TNT Academy in Lilburn Georgia shocked students and parents alike when she made racist comments towards her black graduates.

In the past students have alleged that the school, and it’s founder Nancy Gordeuk hold disparaging views towards people of color, and at yesterday’s graduation ceremony they unexpectedly received validation.

The confusion initially started when Gordeuk accidentally ended the ceremony without allowing the valedictorian to make their speech. When she became aware of her mistake, she asked all the graduating seniors to come back inside the hall for the final speech.

By this point people were already headed to their cars, and it became difficult to corral everyone back into the auditorium.

That’s when a frustrated Gordeuk took to the mic and announced:

You people are being so rude, to not listen to this speech. It was my fault that we missed it in the program. Look who’s leaving… all the black people!

At that point the crowd erupted in anger and everyone started to leave.”

Story by Blue Telesma, The Grio

Look who’s leaving!

Young man shot and killed when he pulls into driveway of wrong address

(Photo Courtesy Diaz family)

Rodrigo Diaz, 22, was driving around with his girlfriend and two friends when he pulled into a driveway, thinking they had arrived at another friend’s house, his brother says. But instead he pulled into the driveway of Phillip Sailors, 69, who thought his home was being robbed, his lawyer says.

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Racist Remarks at TNT Academy Graduation in Lilburn, GA - GAFollowers
The principal of TNT Academy in Lilburn, GA, Nancy Gordeuk is under fire after making discriminative remarks at TNT's graduation ceremony today.

Shame on you, Nancy Gordeuk! This is the principal, yes THE PRINCIPAL, of TNT Academy in Lilburn, GA speaking this way at a graduation!

Lilburn, GA Market Report, June 2011

[caption id=“” align=“alignright” width=“300” caption=“Image via Wikipedia”][/caption]

Market stats for Lilburn, GA, June, 2011, indicates that there were 454 properties on the market (as of June 30th). Overall, there was about an 8.5 month supply of properties and 63 properties that closed (sold) in June.  I had been looking for another increase in sales for June and it came through.  And it was an increase over last year’s sales (51) and May, 2011 (54 sales).  The Absorption Rate notched down slightly.  Unfortunately, Lilburn is among the weakest of Gwinnett County, GA, cities I track.

In the sub-$200k arena, there were 309 listings, with about an 7.7 month supply with 48 sales.  This represents most of the sales in the market area.  Sales rose slightly from last month (41), but were more above last year (38).  The Absorption Rate dropped only slightly from 7.9 to 7.7 months of inventory.  This is even a slight improvement over the tax credit fueled buying of this time last year.  If the pace maintains for the next two months, it could mean that Lilburn, GA, is on the verge of a turn.

Between $200k and $400k, there are 132 listings for sale, and about 11.o months of supply.  This segment has been quite weak for months, but has picked up a little strength.  May was a strong follow up to April, which was HUGE… 11 sales compared to just 9 last year.  June pulled down 14 sales, slightly above last year’s 13 homes sold.  If July stays strong (14-15 sales), this could signal a return to a more balanced segment… and Lilburn has been missing that.  (last month I said…) I’ll be looking for around 14 sales for June…  ;^ )

From $400k to $600k, there are just 8 homes on the market. The absorption rate is 6.0 months. There were no sales in this segment from December through February, but there were 2 in March, which really turned the segment around, followed by 1 sale for April.  May posted 2 sales, and there was 1 sale in June.  It doesn’t seem like much, but this is a segment hasn’t posted that many months with back to back sales…  This is the first time sales have been sales posted four months in a row since 2009.

From $600k to $800k, $800k to $1M and Above $1M, there are 5 listings (combined), but too few sales to have any sort of reliable number of months of inventory.  March posted the first sale since August, 2010.  It was in the $600-$800k range. One of the listings is above $1M and one between $800k and $1M, and there is no market activity in the last 12 months for those ranges…

Lilburn is in Gwinnett County, GA, just outside of Atlanta. As of the 2000 Census, there were 11,307 people in Lilburn, but that is only including people in the city limits, and there has been a lot of growth since 2000 in Gwinnett County. It was incorporated in 1910. Lilburn is home to Parkview High School, and also has students that the Brookwood, Berkmar and Meadowcreek clusters. It is also home to Killian Hill Christian School, Providence Chrisian Academy, St. John Neumann Catholic School and Parkview Christian School. Possibly the most famous resident of Lilburn is General Beauregard Lee, a groundhog with a better winter prediction record that Puxatawnee Phil up in PA. Dominique Wilkins, formerly of the Atlanta Hawks also lives in Lilburn.

I have a page dedicated to Lilburn Market Data.

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Georgia School Founder Unleashes Racist Rant About 'Black People' At Graduation (VIDEO)

Georgia School Founder Unleashes Racist Rant About ‘Black People’ At Graduation (VIDEO)

Nancy Gordeuk, founder of the TNT Academy in Lilburn, Georgia, has long been regarded by students as a teensy bit of a racist. However, at Friday’s graduation ceremony, those present were treated to absolute, unequivocal proof of the horrific views she holds toward anyone whose skin tone is darker than a piece of classroom chalk.

The TNT Academy is describedas a “Non-Traditional Educational…

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By @jaeinkk via @RepostWhiz app:
PART 1: WOW! Racist and ignorant remarks made by Nancy Gordeuk founder of TNT Academy, during the schools graduation in Lilburn, GA today (May 8th). Ms. Gordeuk released the graduating class, forgetting the valedictorian did not speak yet. By this time students and parents started to leave the auditorium, assuming the graduation was over. This did not sit well with Nancy, who stepped to the podium saying, “You people are being so rude, to not listen to this speech. It was my fault that we missed it in the program. Look who’s leaving all the black people.” 😳. I HOPE SHE HAS AN APOLOGY READY. #tntacademy #TNTgraduation #lilburn #lilburnga #lilburngeorgia #Wow #Graduation #YouPeople #JaeInkSpeaks
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Racist, 'Not-Racist' Georgia School Principal Fired For Horrifically Racist Remarks (VIDEO)

Racist, ‘Not-Racist’ Georgia School Principal Fired For Horrifically Racist Remarks (VIDEO)

It’s hard to imagine that racism still runs rampant in the state of Georgia (after all, they have integrated proms, now), but founder and now-former principal of TNT Academy in Lilburn Nancy Gordeuk recently demonstrated that the fight to keep bigotry alive still rages on in the Peach State.

After Gordeuk dismissed her school’s graduation without allowing the valedictorian to speak, she became…

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Wayback Wednesday... A Gift That KEEPS On Giving...

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This is the time of year when everyone is thinking about gifts.  Some are buying, others are thinking about what they might be getting.  Some may be doing some of both.  There are lots of types of gifts.  The first thing that many of us default to are the big screen TVs, hi-po car parts and video games… maybe even some socks and underwear.  Most of us don’t think about gifts to our community.

But those can be some of the best gifts…  and we can give them for almost free.

I have been volunteering for Junior Achievement for the last few years.  It is incredibly rewarding walking into a classroom and getting the AMAZING reaction from the kids.  They are so ready for a “new” adult to come and talk to them about business and economics.  Seriously.  Actually, they are ready for someone to talk to them about almost anything.  But I can tell you that they REALLY want to learn, engage, share and grow.

Getting more volunteers for JA would be a great thing, but honestly, there are a lot of opportunities to gift that kind of gift to the community.  Scouting is another great option (I’m involved with that, as well…).  There are local community centers, senior centers, parks… there are a LOT of ways that you can give something to the community.

Many of those opportunities magnify that gift… kind of like a corporate match, but in effect rather than cash.  As an example, for the two volunteer programs that I dedicate most of my time to, JA and Scouting, have the added value of making a real impact in the lives of kids.  JA plants the seeds of entrepreneurship in youngsters, while Scouting fosters leadership and responsibility.  Both of those things are long term gifts to the community that pay back MUCH more than the meager investment we adults make in the kids.

Last year I wrote a little about my experience with JA.  Check it out.  Find your local chapter.  Or get involved with Scouting (Boy, Girl, Venturing, etc.).  You don’t have to have a kid in the Troop, Pack or Crew… just a desire to make a positive impact and have a great time doing it.

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Well, it seems I like music that’s about places. Sibelius and Moncayo both wrote music about their native countries (Finland and Mexico respectively) and Douglas Lilburn did the same about his name New Zealand. This work, Aotearoa, means “New Zealand” in Māori. Lilburn wrote two other works about New Zealand, as well - Landfall in Unknown Seas, and A Song of Islands. More importantly, I bet he had a really nice Kiwi accent. Go listen to this while you’re imagining his excellent Kiwi accent.