lilblueunicorn  asked:

Do you happen to know the name of the horse that one the 2014 padded amateurs? I'm dying to see what it looks like normally.

I do not but I got the photo from the Honors Dishonored Facebook page which is a good page to like and follow if anyone is interested in following a good anti-Big Lick page. 

I went back and looked at the photo on their page and they said it’s a screen capture from a video by Walking Horse Report. If you want to find the video, it may have the horse’s name and you can watch it move if you’d like. 


My old horse! Back in his prime nearly 8 years ago. I’d love to know what you think of him. He’s an OTTB by Holy Bull. Owners before me got him at an $8k claiming race. We went on to do the juniors when I had him. Now he’s 17 and chillin doing mostly flat lessons with little ones. He’s like a big dog, loves to pick stuff up for you.

Eyyyyy sounds like my boy. OTTB jumper who now teaches physically and mentally disabled kids to walk and trot, he’s literally a giant puppy dog!

This a very odd angle to judge this horse at, but I’ll try my best. (From left to right)

  • This horse has a very calm, sweet eye and a subtle roman face, which is commonly seen in TBs.
  • Clean throat latch, Lovely length and muscling in the neck, although set low. Withers look high, built uphill. Shoulder angle looks fine.
  • Horse appears camped under and a tad upright in the pasterns. Canon bones are short and front legs in general look alright
  • Horse is of very good weight and is long in the back.
  • Hind end is rather small, I can’t give too much of an in depth analysis on the back end considering his tail is covering a good deal of it. With this in mind, the horse’s hind legs appear sickle and cow hocked. Again, can’t throw down too good of anything on the hind end because of previously mentioned factors.

I really like this horse. For an OTTB, he’s built rather sporty and I’m impressed to see common faults in racing type TBs to not be too present here. In his prime he must have been a great performance horse, I love me some grey TBs uwu