I know I haven’t been posting a lot of archery related stuff lately, not original at least. We had danage after Turkey, and I’ve been having a bad time at the field. My scores have been low and I’ve been frustrated, shooting a whole bucket of 7’s isnt something I shouls do when I’m at the stage I am right now. So I changed my form, and took a few days off and now it’s looking better again. There’s a competition this weekend in Sweden wich I will be competing in, fingers crossed for a better score this time. I’m looking forward too it again at least.

World cup was amazing. Even though none of us did any good, neither team nor individual, I’ve had the time of my life! If I’d shot such a low score in Norway, I would most lightly kick someone, I would be so very pissed. But I never had the time, because things kept happening and my team mates always had the hugest smiles. It was just awesome sharing a week with all of them. And I learned a lot about myself and about shooting and.. yeah, I had a great time, almost no anxiety, and I am so proud of myself. I conquered this, even though I shot bad, I conquered a week in a different country, with a lot of people I hardly knew, sharing a room with I girl I didn’t know. Taking planes and waking up early and shooting without knowinf anyone. I conquered that, and I feel like shooting goos and shooting at home will never be as stessfull again. I feel like everything wikl be easier from now on.

Now that I’m not in the middle of everything, it just feels okay. I’m honored over being one of the 3 people who got a kind of starting scholarship. It’s a one time thing that you can get here in the north. A “secret” society that gives a little money to young athletes in archery, who is up and coming shooters. And I didn’t actually hear so mutch of what was said, but I heard a little and he was right. Even though this wasn’t my weekend, that’s okay. Because I still have a lot to be proud about. I’m still a new shooter, I’ve only been shooting for 3 years. I lack experience, and that’s not something I can learn at our practise, not with the stress level I have at a competition. Last outdoor season was a blast. I didn’t shoot indoors at all, and I had not even touched my bow in two months, before our competition in June. And then a week went by, and I shot and won my class in the Nordic Youth Championship. A low score, but it was enough. And then I started training more and more, and I went from shooting 624 to 650 and then 675 - during a couple of months. I went from not being able to win first in the junior division championship, to take fucking gold in senior. Last year I was 9 points bellow our national record outdoors. And yes, I shot bad this weekend, and I actually don’t feel bad about that now. I have a lot to be proud of, I’ve come a long way on a short time and I do hope that I have many more years with this sport to enjoy and love and grow and learn. And everything doesn’t have to fall in my lap today. I need to learn to have patience.

I know I’ve been lousy at updating about my archery lately. It’s just been easier hitting the reblog button these last few weeks, or has it become months? Who knows anyways. After our Nationals I was super excited for the indoors season for like the first half hour of my first practice. I hope I can find a way to motivate myself from now on, because I just miss the outdoor season so much. The 10 indoors is so god damn tiny and it feels impossible to shoot just as well indoors. My P.B. as I shot last year was 570, and I feel like that’s where I need to start this year, even though I know that it doesn’t work that way. I’m just a better shooter at 50 meters. I like the outdoors season better. Still, I’m thinking about and wondering if I’m going to Berlin or not. Are any of you guys going?

The wind today was a nightmare. Honestly, bows and scope and everything just blew down. And it changed it’s direction within a second. My cap flew off my head at one point. And sadly I lost my first final. It was sour, to watch the others score and see that it would had been good enough for other matches. But all in all I’m not mad. I haven’t been as nervous as I thought I would be, and honestly my team mates has made this a superb time all in all. I just wish I’d shot better, but it will come with time I guess.

Had my last practice of the week right now, the second one of the day. We’re having a few days off to go to Denmark and chill of for a bit. It just stresses me because of the fact that theres so little time untill our National Championship, but maybe this brake only will do me good. But it feels wierd to not be shooting every day.