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radison  asked:

Weslah, Fresley, Kate Lockley x Angel

This one was hard to answer because, as mentioned, I’ve only seen Angel 1.5 times. So this is all initial impressions and subject to change! I’ll do this more analytically after rewatch. #sorry

Wesley/Lilah: I liked watching this relationship play out. It definitely had a big darkness factor to it, but it was fun to watch. These two were so dark I think they’d just push each other closer to the edge, though, so maybe work out some issues before attempting a real relationship. 

Fred/Wesley: This is quite possibly because I knew Fred and Wesley were a thing and was waiting for it to happen, but it took these two so long to get together I was pretty much over it by the time it happened. I was rooting for Wesley to just move on, and I didn’t buy their relationship after all that time. 

Kate Lockley/Angel: Honestly, what happened here? I should probably google it….oh. She left for Law & Order. These two went around and around forever, and then she just…hated him? It never got sorted out really. It was all just really disappointing.