I call the first photo: Through the looking glass.
It took several shots to get the hands lined up well and this is one of the best! I really wanted to portray a the Kaylees looking through a mirror at each other and seeing their other half on the other side.

I loved playing with the reflection of the Shindig Kaylee in the glass. For me it helps portray how Kaylee really wants to be a belle at the ball even when she’s working on Serenity’s engines.


These are just a few of my favorite things from this years SoDak Con. Once I get more pics that I can share I will because there is just not enough that I loved but here is a beginning. :)

One of the many favorite moments at SoDak Con this year was my lovely Teca an LilacWire surprised me in Cosplay as SoDak’s mascots. They did the versions from this years artists, Sam “Phox” Sheehan and Rebecca “Raille” Brigs. This still just makes me smile from ear to ear.  I need to find a way to do the same for them!

The next favorite thing is the reveal of next year’s theme, Time Travel! David spent two long hard weeks making the Tardis and it turned out awesome. We are still making it and it will look even better next year! 

Pictures are courtesy of the convention's official photographer, Jason Jones and attendee Diana Pickel.


A quick photo recap of my 2011 costumes. Two of these were not new (Kaylee & Wonder Woman), but I wore them about like a fool anyway! I have found that throwing a wedding tends to put a damper on your free costuming time.

The other two costumes (Gankutsuou & Mod Marvel) were both inspired & encouraged by two of my amazing friends. Thank you both for including me in your groups!

A 2012 “stuff I’m going to make…hopefully” post is coming soon. :)