A Change in the Weather | Lilack

Jack sat in the very corner of the three broom stick’s pub, flipping his compass open and closed absent mindedly. He was still very perturbed by what had happened, he had never seen it spin out of control like that, he had always known what he wanted…well, to the best of his knowledge. Missing an entire year of memories was way less fun than it sounded, he felt like he hardly knew himself at times, not to mention the uncomfortable stares and conversation he was getting from people. He was fairly used to people being unimpressed with him and the way he lived his life, but not knowing what exactly he had done to warrant such distrust? Not very fun at all.

Again his mind wandered back to lilo, the girl with the galaxies in her eyes and the tears. He hadn’t seen her since their last encounter at the library but he hadn’t stopped thinking about her since then. What could he have done to make her feel so horridly. He racked his brain, she had said they were friends, so maybe she just took his disappearance particularly hard. Maybe she was the sort of person who was used to loosing people…maybe she was disappointed that he came back and not someone else.

The last thought left him feeling quite disappointed, she was the only person that he wanted to see, the only person he lost that seemed to matter to him any. It was an enormously frustrating position to be in. There was a creak and a very slight gust of cold air coming from the direction of the door. He glanced up and disappointment began to set in. There she was, Lilo …and friend. Boyfriend? Jack didn’t know but he knew that he didn’t quite like it. 

AH! Okay so since I just recently reached 800 followers (and oh my I’m so thankful wow! Thank you❤︎❤︎ idek how that happened! Eek ) I’ve also never done one of these before but I’ve been collecting together, over many days, a mahoosive list of my all time faves forever and ever and ever and for making this website amazing! Although I haven’t been here as long as most of you… (Praying I haven’t missed out anyone!) So here goes:

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recently i reached a new follower goal which i’m still not over because when i joined this blue hellsite three years ago i honestly thought i would never go over like 20 followers akshdsfdjk i met such incredible people this year, and i wanted to thank you all for making this blogging experience something so much better than i thought it would ever be. i’ve been mutuals with some of you for ages, and some of you only for several days, but you are all absolutely amazing and i hope from the bottom of my heart that i’ll get to know all of you better. (and even though i’ve been careful i think i forgot people, so sorry about that, but i love you anyway) merci infiniment ❤

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