A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Kiss Me (4)

[A/N: Okay so this is fourth time attempting to upload this chapter now! It’s been revised a little since it was last mistakenly uploaded, just the final part of the chapter. I feel a bit ‘blah’ on this one, I’m not 100% sold on it but that’s because I really just want to move onto the next chapter, I have so many good things to come! (I hope!)

I’m really thankful for all the messages as well, you’re all awesome and I’m loving that you’re loving this. Despite my feelings on this chapter I hope you enjoy it!]

Word Count: 2122

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Lily Luna Potter 

Just like her mother and grandmother before her, Lily found Gryffindor to be her rightful place, although, she took after the dreamy nature of her godmother. She was known for her earthy muggle style, and she was always wearing lilac nail polish. She quickly became obsessed with muggle culture at a young age which initiated the close relationship she had with her grandfather Arthur. Lily was always known to do the right thing for herself and others, and once she graduated Hogwarts, she went to a muggle university to pursue her dream to be a fashion designer. 

Mine For The Summer; Kim Namjoon

A summer to remember.

Word Count: 4.2K (Holy shit this is long)

(A/N): Can I first admit I got inspiration for the title of this from Summer Love by One Direction? I was 1D AF back in the day lmaoooo. Here’s a little summer!namjoon AU seeing that it’s nearing the end of summer vacation for me. I sure hope I’ll be able to write during school… starting university and all. Ah, don’t wanna think about that now though >.< I suggest listening to Goodbye Summer by F(x) ft. Kyungsoo while reading this hehe. Enjoy! xoxo

It started with a skateboard. Actually, a boy on a skateboard. A boy on a skateboard who doesn’t expect you to come running around the corner just as he rolls off the curb right into you, making the both of you hit the road after bumping into each other. You both end up with scrapes tainting your skin, one on your knee and one on his elbow, along with mutual bitterness at each other.

“Why don’t you watch where you’re boarding?” you hissed, examining your minor wound with fire in your eyes.

“Why don’t you watch where you’re running?” he spat back, hoisting himself up. You gave him a harsh look but you took his hand as he offered it to help you on your feet again.

“Well, you certainly aren’t dressed for a late night jog. What are you running for, anyway?” he noticed your attire, tight shorts and a shirt low enough for him to sneak a look at your-

“You seriously didn’t hear any of the sirens from a block down?” you pointed down the road you were just sprinting down. He gestured to the headphones that were hung around his neck, indicating he had been listening to music while he was boarding, something he always liked to do.

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