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His kisses!

I can bet a million bucks on the fact that Harry is one of the best kisser.

His lips looks so soft and plum. Its so pink that its worth to make lipsticks of that color.

When he would kiss you, he’d start with a peck. Then he would take your upper lip between his lips and would apply just the right amount of suction.

He would do the same with your bottom lip. He may or may not give your bottom lip more attention. “It’s a bit thicker than your upper one and more pouty.” He’d always say.

Sometimes when he feels dominant he would take both of your hand and placd it above your head. Holding them there with his one hand while the other’s around your waist. Other times he would cup your face with his warm hand and pad of thumb would soothingly rub over the apple of your cheeks.

If he can he would make out with you untill his lungs give out.

Being a singer gives him the advantge you know you can never prefect. He can hold his breathe alot more longer than you. You’d have to pressed the hands thats on his shoulder bit harder or maybe pull his hair a bit harsher to indicate that you no longer can hold in your breath.

As both of you would pull away, you’d turn your face to the side, panting. Chest heaving up and down and a slight smile on your face.

Harry would lean to your ear with a nefarious smile and would whisper, “Always leave yeh breathless, dont I?” You would slap his back lightly but both of you know how much you love this.


A/N: I died writing this, see u in hell!



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Blowing wind. [H.S]

Lying down beside her today, watching her slowly drift to sleep, Harry can’t help but take a trip down the memory lane to the day when he first met this beauty. He still remember that time as clear as every time he has spent with her till now.

Nothing to his suprise, It was a very rainy day in London, he was driving to the new gym of the city. It was around time before the release of his first solo album.

As he stepped inside the gym, he heard a giggle, she was giggling with her head bending backwards a bit but as soon she saw him she straightened up her head. She smiled at him and said a soft, “Hi”.

It wasn’t as if Harry fell in love with her at first sight but something about her soft eyes and sweet smile spreading an aura of Friendliness and gentleness made his attempt to approach her easy.

After that they hit if off really well. They get along as well as salt and water. Stages of becoming friends from strangers then to being best friend, came quickly in their relationship. They got to know each other like the back of their hand. So well that they knew what the other one like, dislike and love the way their respective mothers would know. They always thought that it was care what they had for each other but little did they know that it was love, love in its most purest form-simple, unconditional, unknown. 

It took them alot of time to realize that. Harry knows it because even today when he thinks about it he can still feel the wetness of her tears when they had their first kiss.

”why are you crying, love?” He whispered, holding her cheeks gently with his hands rubbing the tears with the pad of his thumbs.

“Have waited far too long for this, Harry.” She replied. “I’ve been dying to do this the moment I realised that I’m in love with you.” She added, sniffling. Cheeks all red from the tears and the confessions made prior to the kiss.

  Harry pulled her to his chest, said, “I love you.” and held her close until she clamed down.

They never looked back after that day. Months after his second solo tour he proposed to her. Many people said that they were moving too fast but Harry didn’t care. He knew she was the one for him. The one who he wanted to go home to after every tour. The one he wanted to see himself with for the rest of his life.

He knew it because their love felt so right. The kind of love, that bloomed the surrounding, which magnified their positives and nullified the negatives. Like how his lack of words to describe his emotion was neutralized by her eloquence. It was the kind of love which gave him all the feelings the romantics often talks about.

Couple of years later they got married. It wasn’t something extravagant as many people expected it to be. It was just him, his love and the people they loved. He doesn’t remember being more content than he was that day.

Fast forwarding to 26 year later with 2 son and a daughter all grown up and gone to fulfil their dreams. Harry was here resting beside her.

He turned to his side one arm slipping across her waist pulling her close to his chest. Other arm supporting his head propped on his elbow.

Harry looks at her, looks at her as she lays peacefully.

She looks old enough to have fine lines at corners of her eyes, old enough to have prominent smile lines but too young to be dying this way, top young to be suffering the way she is.

She has leukaemia, at the stage where nothing could save her. When she was told this she immediately requested to be shifted back home, wanting to spend her last few day with her family.

He knows she’s hurting but never once she will say it herself. Every prayer of his said her name. He feel so helpless.

Tears are running from his eyes, one tiny droplet fells on her face, making her slowly open her eyes.

Harry quickly turns around in an attempt to hide his tears.

“Honey?” She she asked, sitting up a little bit.

“Hey” he whisperers, putting on a bold facade as he smiles at her.

“Are you crying again?” She asks looking straight past his fake smile.

He knows its no use lying, she’ll know. So he simply says, “not anymore.” Kissing her cheek.

“Come cuddle with me, please.” she requests. While she is partially sitting, he comes close to her, resting his head in her chest, listening to the melody of her heart beat while he can.

Harry knows that he should be the one giving cuddles, the one to sooth her but he also knows that he needs it for it may be the last time he is getting this.

“I want you to do something for me , will you do it?” She questions. One arm rubbing his back while other hand runs through his hair.

“Anything for you, love.”

“I want you to take care of yourself..” She starts off.

Harry realizes where its going, he don’t want to admit it. Doesn’t want that conversation to happen just yet.

“Please, don’t say l-”

“No Harry. Let me say it all. I have a feeling that this ticking clock might just stop anytime today.” Her voice shaking a bit. Eyes brimming with tear.

She takes a deep breath and continues, “I won’t ask you to move on quickly but I also don’t want you to linger in the past alot. I want you to remember only our happy times and look back only to cherish what we had.” Harry doesn’t looks up from his position , afraid he might break down. So, he simply hums.

Half an hour passed by they are still in the same position. “Will you fall in love again, harry?” She ask breaking the the silence.

“Maybe I will, darling.” He replied. It breaks her heart a tiny bit but she knows that’s what she wants for him.

Harry looks up and continues, “Maybe I will fall in love again, when I will look at your picture, fall again for you.”

She lets out the breath she was holding and smiles at him. “oh Harry!” She chuckles.

“You know you kinda have to again love me only because I don’t think anyone will love an old man with wrinkled birds on his chest as much as I do.” She adds while laughing. Harry joins her too.

“Anything you want me to pass to our children?” Harry asks after few moments of silence.

“Written them all a letter.” She replies. “Also, I know our babies are understanding and they all have someone who will take care of them.I’m more worried about this old man crazily in love.” She says so fly touch of his cheek and kissing him on the head. Promise me you won’t isolate yourself, Harry.“ She says.

“Promise me you will talk to someone or even yourself, promise me to take care of your health, mentally and physically.” She adds.

“I promise, I will.” Harry replies, reaching up to kiss her forehead.

“One last thing, Harry and I want this to come from me rather than somebody trying to sympathize you, I will always be there with you. I will be there looking out for my family just like I always did but without you seeing me, I promise. You will feel me in the blowing wind Harry, the kind of wind that will diffuse all your worries with it.” Her voice cracking at the end. Tears streaming down her face which doesn’t seem to be stopping.

Harry looks up to her with bloodshot eyes and leans down to kiss her.

Molding his lips with her, kissing her, kissing her until he no longer was being kissed back.



Voice of his tiny 4 year old granddaughter wakes Harry up from his slumber he was having while sitting in the rocking chair at the porch.

“Grandpa! Can we please go to the park? I want to play with the puppy we saw there yesterday.” She requests.

“Of course Little, Let me just go grab my Jacket.” He says smiling at how happy she becomes at the idea of seeing the puppy again.

They goes to the park nearby. As soon as she saw the puppy she starts playing with it the in the sand pit.

Harry sits on the park bench. Looking around at the surrounding, seeing all the happy children playing, giggling.

This always helped him to distract himself from the void that has been created in his heart, 3 years ago.

He looks at the granddaughter as she looks back, waving her hands at him. He waves back and smiles at her. He thinks how she looks like a carbon copy of her dad, his son.

Hi son who looks like a perfect morph of his parents.

The thought makes Harry take hot his purse and look at the picture in it.

It was from the time when he was Harry Styles: The rockstar, Harry styles who, people claimed, has the most handsome face. It was taken before some event as it seems with all the makeup and him wearing one of his crazy suits. He does not remember who took it but he will be forever grateful to the person who capture that perfect moment.

The perfect moment of him kissing the smile of his wife.

His heart aches Looking at the picture. A tear rolled down his cheek and fell on the picture cover.

He closes the purse after kissing the photo and whispering, “ I miss you.” Remembering her last words, he takes a deep breath, closing his eyes, Waits for it to happen and it does.

A wind blows..


A/N: Hi! Thankyou for reading this. This is my first writing! please feel free to share your thoughts about it with me. Love, V.


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still in bloom and summers almost done! if anyone knows what type of flower this is, let me know! the last picture was taken at my uncle’s house along with this one and they have the prettiest plants!


eu coloquei o harry pq eu so rata memo e quando fala em louis eu ja penso em harry e visse versa me desculpa eh automatico larry ta nas veia


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