lilac rat

funny spring birthday boy
funny how seven’s sharper than six
and we’d soured since
trying to find fireflies

spring turns water to fire maybe
or other changes:
I, the violet–
the early bird getting worms
shaven clean for all new growths
flowers, sweetness, storms.

sunny side up
could’ve burnt me to a crisp
never quite cooling off
dirt under your fingernails
lenses between focus flames

plucked clean, still grey
seek lilacs &
dead rats in overflowing rivers,
picking at the bountiful plate of life
& scabs. picking me to blame
new fear: bird cage

hotter than ever, rabid even
I’d like to know about
the behavior of particles of light
why I’m always overheating?
arguing about god. you in montage

in the rain.
embroidered a picture of you frowning
with the sun.
washed-out, watercolor, pastel
little paper crown
not really anything. nothing nice to say
blacked out names, never off the fence

redrum redrum
as always, our eyes. In hurricanes
burnouts & sickly sweet of smores & streetcars
literal weather hard sun envelops
my god, my god, my god.
caught you playing it, trying
to be–claim? all seasons, mulch piles,
and I became the plot point when my summer went blue
wishy-washy but spring showed thaw today
& phoenix sing.


maeve white 2017


It’s frustratingly difficult to get good pictures of Stella’s markings because they are so subtle. Her head is like a really light grayish lilac that looks white unless you see it next to the pure white of her back. The funny thing is that I adopted her because I thought she was a PEW and people tend not to like PEWs as much, but when I went to pick her up from her foster home her foster mom told me that she had developed this lilac coloring on her head. She’s so beautiful and unique. Does anyone who knows about rat genetics have any insight into this? Is she technically albino? What causes rats to change colors like that (two of her brothers also changed, one from a brown hooded to a Siamese, the other from a black self to black with white hairs all through his coat.)


8 little ratties so far, names and descriptions in order by photo.

Avalon - My heart rat. Russian Blue. Tulip eared Dumbo. Part of the Original Duo. Snuggles a lot. Nicknames include Stink butt or Av.

Bean - Black Irish. Top eared. Part of the Original Duo. Nicknames include Beanie Baby or Beanb.

Ophelia - Lilac Berkshire. Top eared. 2nd Heart Rat. Feeder rat. Nicknames include Stinker, Ophe, or Ophie.

Nyx - Black Hooded. Top eared. Adventurous. Nicknames include Fatso, Nyx-ie and Ny.

Circe - Black Berkshire. Top eared. Nyx’s sister. Nicknames include Circ and butthead.

Nala - Himalayan. Dumbo eared. Feeder rat. Very skittish, especially around loud sounds. Suspicious of everything. Nickname is Nal.

Astra - Black Hooded DRex. Dumbo eared. Feeder rat. Super adventures, heights do not scare her. Likes to leap. Nicknames include Aspirin, Asshole, and the occasional Aspen.

Absinthe - Champagne hooded DRex/Patchwork. Dumbo eared. Squeaks at everything even remotely displeasing. Very snuggly. Nicknames include Ab and Sin.