lilac eye

i wish i could make zodiac makeup and have a purple lipstick for scorpio in a lip balm cauldron called i’m kissing a spell on you
and teal and lilac eye shadow for pisces thats made like mermaid scales and called pisces eyes. and gemini has a double blush pot, shadow, and lipgloss, its double trouble, they’re two faced
and theres a scarlet rouge for aries that is called the spice of my soul and is shaped like a lighter. and the body butter is all taurus, it smells like cinnamon infused in icecream and cake batter and cucumber and relaxants
and the mascara is dark dark dark it’s the colour of the sky, and its capricorn’s ‘as black as my mood’ mascara
libra has a contouring kit because libra is all about symmetry, it’s called the balance bar. sagittarius is a hair lacquer called jungle gel, sea salt spray that makes hair wild and texturised, it smells like coconut. leo has an illuminate… a pot that looks like a honey glow, a primer… it brings sunlight to the cheeks… its called the leo highlight. aquarius has a sparkling colour palette full of glow in the dark shades and powder and lipgloss called space cake

and cancer has foundation and it’s powder called moon dust and it begins pale like a full moon into an eclipse for darker shades, virgo has a slain crystal concealer to hide imperfections, the ones only they can see ;)  lol im sure one day il come up with more :p

#cosmic cover girl