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What kinds of different pointed colors there are? I've heard of lynx point and the traditional siamese point but there are more right?

it depends on the organization, because CFA and TICA regulations vary by breed and what colors are recognized in each breed. points can come in any color and can show up in any breed. the most common breeds are siamese,  himalayan, birman, ragdoll, javanese and balinese

colors are seal (black), chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, fawn, blue, flame (red), cream, caramel, tortie, dilute tortie, torbie, dilute torbie, lynx point (in any of those colors)

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Do you have any headcanons for a cat to be an Australian Mist?

hmm….. they can come in a lot of diff colors (blue, black, chocolate, gold, lilac, and peach) and are either spotted or marbled..

heathertail, littlecloud, lizardstripe, sedgewhisker, cloverfoot, larkwing

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Hi! Do you know what the difference between chocolate and cinnamon is? I'm trying to figure out more stuff about cat genetics but those two colors have been giving me a headache. Thanks in advance.

Hello, Meepit!

I quite understand; the more outlier colors can get confusing! Basically, chocolate and cinnamon are both “black” colors. But, they are two totally different genes. You have chocolate, and then cinnamon. The dilute of chocolate is lilac/lavender, and the dilute of cinnamon is fawn.

Chocolate is a much richer “brown” color, lilac is a sort of odd pinkish-brownish dusky gray. Cinnamon is a red-brown or a dusty rust-brown color typically, and fawn is a sandy color that can be easily mistaken for cream. Both colors are recessive, but cinnamon is recessive to chocolate! So a chocolate cat must be chocolate-chocolate or chocolate-cinnamon genetically, while a cinnamon cat must be cinnamon-cinnamon. And of course, for either to be dilute they must have two dilute genes, just as with black/gray and red/cream.

Credit to Cat Colors and their sources for the linked images; I’ve found that to be the best visual reference of cat colors, blog-wise! I do hope this cures your headache, Meepit.

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Are there any warriors cats that you'd picture as a javanese cat?

ah well its a bit tricky bc 

oriental longhair (OLH)

modern balinese - colorpoint OLH

javanese - colorpoint OLH but in the irregular colors not found in the balinese (torties, chocolate, lilac, red/cream)

so a javanese is a colorpoint oriental, which there really haven’t been any (asides from blackstar/sasha) in WC. HOWEVER, if you want me to list characters that are probably OLH then thats a long list LOL

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I was wondering if any of the warrior cats could be a Balinese.

so a balinese is just a longhaired colorpoint oriental (they come in blue, lilac, seal and chocolate) but the only way to get a colorpoint is to have 2 colorpoint parents

so no clanbred cat could be balinese (they can be longhaired oriental) but you could have a kittypet/rogue or skyclan cats be balinese