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1. Last thing you ate.

A bread and cheese sort of thingie. And Nerds.

2. What scares you the most?

Not to get all serious, but the unknown, or the future, I suppose. Not knowing where my life is headed, if I’m going to be successful in any of my endeavors, if I’m even creative enough to have “endeavors”. Yep.

3. Top 5 movies.

This is TORTURE. I’m very bad at top five lists; I tend to choose movies I’ve recently watched. Okay, um, Les Misérables because it is my new love. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Jodhaa Akbar, The Dark Knight and Bridesmaids.

This is a really random assortment, but they’re the first ones that popped to my mind.

4. What’s your dream job?

Teaching cultural anthropology, a job that would also require field work in somewhere close, as well as writing (about other cultures or any other thing that strikes my fancy).

5. Name three places you’d love to visit. Why?

Paris, France, and visit museums and the countryside and all these other beautiful places. London, England, just to see plays and run into British actors and fangirl over them. And India. Just that entire subcontinent. I’d LOVE to go there.

I just really want to visit all these places alone, or with someone I know very well. No family, no siblings, no responsibility. Just take off one day and live an adventure.

(I can be extremely sentimental, as you can see)

6. What major historical event would you like to have been present for?

End of the Civil War, and maybe Lincoln’s assassination and the days following that. Or the beginning of the Iraq Invasion (of Kuwait) because it’s a major part of my country’s history.

7. Top male and female names for your hypothetical children.

Girl: May, Faye, Dhaye (I’m planning on having triplets. wut itz going to happen!)

Boy: Abdulrahman, Khalid

8. Who would you most like to meet? (How about 1 living, 1 dead.) Why?

Thomas Jefferson, because he’s a really intelligent man who had a lot of bright ideas and a really interesting way of thought. I’d really like to just have an opportunity to sit down and talk to him. Apparently, he knew a lot about Islam, too, which is interesting.

John Green, because. I don’t think this needs an explanation, tumblr :D

9. What three words would you use to describe yourself vs. three words a stranger would use.

Me: hyper, socially-awkward (shhh, it’s one word if you hyphenate it!), bookish

Stranger: loud, strange, talkative (? maybe…)

10. Least favorite noise.

CHALK ON A BLACKBOARD. Oh my GOD, why do half the classes in Bryn Mawr still have blackboards. I cringe everytime!

11. Favorite swear.

WHAT THE FUCK?! Okay, lovelies, my questions are: 1. Last movie you saw with someone. 2. What is your dream job? (that was a good questions) 3. What is the one place where you feel your most calm/at peace? 4. An experience/event that you would most like to do/go through during this new year 5. Famous member of the opposite sex < who comes to mind when you read that. 6. What is a TV show that you keep wanting to start but never get to it? 7. Vanilla ice-cream or chocolate ice-cream? 8. If you were to describe your family in one word, what would you use? 9. Country, other than your own, that you would most like to visit. 10. What is the last book, not for a class, that you read? 11. Laffy Taffy or Nerds?

Look who came to show me some love at the hospital yesterday! My delicious baby niece #Lilabean! 👶💗😘 (at Beth Israel Medical Center Phillips Ambulatory Care Center)


The cutest miniature baby. #lilabean #misspiggy