well… kind of.

To tell the truth I’ve never been so busy in my life. There is so much to do I’m rarely drawing things I may label as for my “free time”. I don’t remember when I had some proper sleep and godhelpme there is still so much to do before new year QMQ *lies on the floor*

But eyh have some WIP of a piece that is SO SO SO SOOOO delayed (sorry Nabe I have no excuse, just kill me pls). It’s going so slow since it’s being done between art I do for a game and paintings for my classes < = > Can someone borrow me like, idk, extra pair of hands and eyes?


I made myself a pretty mascot ’ w ’ She now sits on my blog, on the right side haha. I’m happy how she came out.

And btw she’s my OC and her name is, well, L (ok it’s not her full name, but everyone goest with only first letter) aaand she comes from my dear friend’s universe, but hushhhhh for now.

Oh and do you know I’m still doing those silly chibi-like commissions on DA?