@liltunechi i see this picture & i seriously wonder how great of a father am i gunna be. not ina bad way but ina positive. to accomplish alot before having a reason to accomplish, to be real to the ones you give life too & always have time for them. make sure im his/her role model. if lil wayne can hustle since ten, survive a bullet, do level 3 drugs, start off with nothing but a dream, have a kid at 15, give his first big check to his mom, a group separating to going solo, sticking to his game until he knows he’s the best rapper alive, win a grammy, go to jail & come back stronger than ever and sell over half a million cd’s when he’s released & have a newborn? not impressive but dedicated to a new soul, something greater than impressive. to bring it all to his kids. long story short, if i can acomplish so much with a dedicated dream is a well deserved smile. but to have so much done & have a son & to know he cant be nothing but proud of me for all i did for him. thats a dream worth anything to be a father dedicated to life.