lesbians get so excited about feeling infatuation. we’re in love with love because we’re so lonely. every meaningful connection feels like the solution to years and years of feeling left aside and deep down, we desperately want them to be. it’s a lil sad yeah but I feel like lesbians that manage to survive that frenzy, that rush in order to build something lasting must have something so beautiful and powerful in their hands because lesbians love like no other. I love us


I love Love live sunshine but it’s always a lil sad that all the girls look exactly the same so I wanted to, uh… draw my headcaons I suppose? Also it was a fun challange in character design.
Hope You like them!!


Also, I have the group shop available as a print in my society6, and You can get 1st, 2nd and 3rd years separately as stickers/prints at my Redbubble <:
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some happy things about the falsettos revival since we’re all a lil sad about the robbery that was the 2017 tony awards
  • an AMAZING and beautiful cast that is actually a tight knit family and is as in love with the show as we all are
  • the proshot coming to movie theaters!!
  • anthony rosenthal
  • more christian borle dad jokes
  • reason to talk about andrew rannells’ hair
  • brandon uranowitz shows at 54 below!
  • the tony performance guest starring christian’s wig and andrew’s boner
  • stephanie j block and brandon uranowitz’s offstage relationship and hearing them always talk about how in love they are
  • everything about the lesbians from next door
  • That Photoshoot. you know the one
  • getting to hear in detail the story of how brandon uranowitz almost came out to his parents feat. gay porn and “WELL OBVIOUSLY SOMEONE’S HACKED INTO OUR COMPUTER”
  • betsy wolfe a beautiful ray of sunshine who went from shiska caterer to WAITRESS!!
  • the cast handing out cookies at schmackary’s like actual angels from above
  • anthony rosenthal’s friendship with tracie thoms
  • watching andrew rannells and christian borle fall totally in love with each other from their first interview together to literally caressing each other like a couple at every single event

I know I’m definitely missing some things so PLEASE feel free to add on to this list!!

highlights from the falsettos tony performance

-the lesbians from next door have different hair
-christian borle HAS hair, and it looks identical to his old hair
-anthony got taller, the little bean
-apparently “lightbulbs up the ass” is not appropriate for tv
-on a similar note, i knew “i cant fucking deal with that” would be censored but i was still a lil sad about it
-andrew’s boner
-christian’s pointing out of andrew’s boner
-andrew having the time of his life despite the boner
-why would you pick a 7 minute song for a three minute slot it got so cut down
-my love for the little jumps/dances at the end was reaffirmed, as was my love for this show
-how the mcfuck didnt it win a single tony im bitter

Reactions To the Dragon Maid Finale Coming To You From The Afterlife Because I’m Fucking Dead

*Spoilers for Ep 13 Below!!*


No one deserved emotional mayhem on this level but I also thoroughly enjoyed it.

-Why the fuck did they have to put the cutest opening scenes in just before they fucking ripped my heart out fuck.  

-The flowers =my everything?? JUST FINISH ME OFF WHY DON’T YOU

-Kanna and Saikawa are so sweet throughout this entire thing omg 。゚(*´□`)゚。

-Kobayshi’s just chilling enjoying a day off finally and feeling peaceful and then they had to twist that fucking knife fuck

-I tried and failed to hold it together when Kobayashi hears that Tohru left.  Just the way she pauses and doesn’t know what to do and her lil sad face and you can just *tell*  this has absolutely GUTTED her that shit took three years off my lifespan.

-My big gay baby ass cried p much the entire montage when Tohru isn’t there that’s one of the most devastating scenes I’ve witnessed in any medium in a long damn while and is like real-life familiar to me a bit and just.  Holy.  Shit.

-But like props yo Kobayashi’s single mom-ing it up she’s gonna get shit done whatever way she has to

-But it still killed me because holy shit she has takeout because she works late af and doesn’t have time to cook for them

-THE MUG SHE DROPS that hurt me why would they do this to me she’s rushing so much to get ready and get Kanna up

-Taught Kanna to use the rice cooker because she won’t be home

-Kanna has to stay at Saikawa’s because mom’s working OUCH

-And Kanna misses her dragon mom I’m crying

- The way the house is so messy oh no Kobayashi you poor depressed lesbian I feel u bb been there, done that, bought that t-shirt

-Takiya is the real MVP lookin out for his fellow queer bestie, noticin’ something’s wrong, u go A+ bestie

-The way she runs when Tohru comes back omfg


-Like damn Kobayashi woke the fuck up and told off Tohru’s big bad dragon dad U GO BB

-Also what the fuck did he do to her face or whatever??

-Tohru’s face when he does that shit to Kobayashi.  Is.  PRIME.  I literally screamed OH SHIIIIIIIIT IT’S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN.

-Tiny dragon daughter flying her mom to the other dimension to go get back her dragon mom my heart ❤❤❤

-Kanna’s the other real MVP she’s taking care of her mom, giving her the down low on dragon politics, telling her where Tohru is, flying her around.

-Kanna is the prettiest dragon look at those lil feathery angel wings angel dragon daughter ☆~☆~☆~☆

-And then Kobayashi’s measured conflict resolution is life and the way she talks about difference was cool af and just quintessentially her.  Diplomatic as fuck.

-The way Tohru like tackles her added the three years back onto my life plus one and gave me clear skin and watered my crops and paid off my student loans and bestowed upon me the most voluminous hair yo.




-Has she like called them?  Warned them at all?  I hope not I hope she just turns the fuck up and goes “Sup motherfuckers, haven’t seen you in a year.  You have a daughter in law and a granddaughter now you will love them as I do.  Don’t ask about the tail.  Or do.  Depends on whether it’ll give you an aneurism or not.”

-I both want to fic it and see it in-ep animated I’ve heard second season is a thing or is that wrong?  

-I’ll watch this episode over and over for the next 20 years.

-And fic it

-And cosplay it

-And protect it

youdigokay  asked:

Your blog is one of my favorites :) I always look forward to your posts. What do you think happened to the gang after the book ended?

Thank you love!!!

I’m gonna kinda do this HC style

-It takes him a year before he goes to visit Johnny and Dally’s graves
-Has a steady girlfriend in his sophomore year but she ends up cheating on him
-Bc he’s kinda impressionable and a year younger than everyone else, he almost fails his senior year because he’s too busy and friends and party’s a little too much, but get’s his act together before the end of the year and graduates with honours
-Finds a girl during the summer of his senior year and she’s the girl he ends up marrying
-Goes to a college a few hours out of town and becomes an English Major
-He doesn’t have kids, but he and his wife travel a lot and they life in England for a few years
-Pony writes a couple of fairly successful books but his wife in the main breadwinner 

-Sort of gets into a rut after watching Ponyboy go off to college
-Dates a few girls but doesn’t ever feel the same spark with them that he did with Sandy
-Voluntarily signs up for the army because he feels like its the only way he can ‘do’ something worthwhile with his life
-This choice nearly ruins Soda and Steve’s friendship
-Darry is pissed but understands, and Ponyboy gets sort of distant
-He was killed in action 2 weeks before he was supposed to come home, but he saved a lot of lives and received a lot of medals 

-Once Ponyboy goes off to school, Darry goes to a community college
-He majors in Business and earns his degree
-Falls in love with his professor but they stay engaged for 5 years before that actually get married
-Darry starts his own construction business and partners with Steve
-Has a couple of kids later on in life but doesn’t mind being an older father 
-Stays living in the Curtis home his whole life even though they could afford a better one because it held too many memories for him to let go of

-After being forced to graduate and losing Johnny and Dally, Two-bit starts drinking heavily
-Darry helps him shape up eventually though
-Becomes a store manager and helps out his mom and little sister with the bills
-He gets his own place and settles down with a girl
-They have a couple of kids and Two-bit eventually quits his job so he can spend more time with them
-Sometimes he’d bring them up to play on Jay Mountain, and he’d watch his kids run around and think about his younger years
-Gives his son his prized switchblade for his 16th birthday

-Quits the DX after high school and does an apprenticeship with a mechanic for awhile
-Struggles finding work and eventually works for Darry helping his with design plans, he surprisingly loves it
-Gets drafted during the last year of the war but was honourably discharged after getting shot in the leg
-Got a tattoo on his arm that says ‘Sodapop’ while in ‘Nam
-Settles with a girl and they live together but don’t marry
-Moves his family to the country after his kid is born
-Secretly smiles whenever he sees one of Ponyboy’s novels in a store

Goodnight, Carl

Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Warnings: a lil sad, cuteness
Description: The reader was kicked out of their house and under the circumstances, Carl helps them out
A/N: I meant for this to be full of fluff but lordddddd oopsies

You had tears running down your face the second you left. You had nowhere to go, no one to help you. Who could you call that didn’t like you anymore? You rub your nose as you look down at your phone. You had a text message from Carl.

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I’m feelin’ lost and I don’t know where else to go now
I don’t really have a place to call my home nah
Everybody hatin’ and I feel so cold now
Why do everybody make me feel alone like

Lil Happy lil sad - let me die


Yeah. A cute Haise. Aha.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I adore you're little snippet ideas ahhh I love them so much. I was wondering if you could do RFA + MC cuddles and or a very physically affectionate MC. Thank you!!

k but SAAAAAAAAAME. I’m honestly so starved for affection so writing this was so indulgent and I loved it! also thank youuuuuuu, I hope you enjoy this ❤️
Also also I’m currently on Seven’s route and I’ve noticed that the days when he’s pushing you away happen to line up with days I feel shittiest and that’s definitely happening rn and it’s a wild ride lol

-he’s honestly probably just as affectionate, if not more
-but loves having you close to him all the time
-even when he’s playing LOLOL, he’ll let you just curl up next to him or even on his lap while he’s playing
-you two are just always cuddling 24/7
-always has at least have one hand on each other, even in public
-he doesn’t even see it as sexual, he just loves feeling you and having you under his touch
-as well as loves having you touch him all the time
-this boy just loves affection ok

-he reeeeeally tries to limit your affection towards him
-not because he doesn’t love it, but because he’s afraid The Beast™ will come out
-when you do actually get to hold him, he never lets go
-sometimes he’ll just let you cling on to him while he’s reading his script, cooking or just doing mundane things
-basically while he’s distracted so he can’t possibly ruin your innocent gestures
-he does have to limit it when you two go out anywhere cause of his contract
-but afterwards, he’ll let you cuddle up to him, but will get up every once in a while to take cold showers
-you once asked him to join with the purest intention of just being with him
-and he disappeared for over an hour

-she definitely appreciates how much you love being close to her
-will let you cuddle her all the time
-it’s also really relaxing for her to have you next to her, running your hand up and down her arm as she works
-she’s a lot more reserved in public about affection
-but doesn’t oppose holding hands
-sometimes you’ll sneak the occasional peck on the cheek and she’ll stop functioning for the rest of the day
-she’s just so shy about affection, but eventually warms up and even initiates cuddling from time to time

-he absolutely adores how affectionate you are
-he’s always so desperate for your touch so the fact that you are too melts his heart
-he just loves coming home after a long day only to be hugged as soon as he walks through the door
-and absolutely loves having you cuddle up to him right after
-like jaehee, finds it soothing when you’re next to him while he works
-also motivates him to finish his work faster so he can just hold you
-when you two are out in public, he’ll hold you close to him so you truly never have to worry about being starved for touch when you’re with him
-will just let you hold or cling on to him whenever, wherever

-he absolutely adores how affectionate you are
-it makes him feel so special and loved and he can never get enough
-it took him a bit to get used to, but at one point you went to hold him and he just didn’t let go
-he loves cuddling with you all the fucking time
-can do it for days
-he’s about as affectionate as you and will just stop whatever he’s doing at times to show that
-when he’s working, he’ll just have you sit in his lap and can have you there for hours
-you sometimes try to do the thing where he loops his arms through yours and acts as your arms when you two have to cook but don’t want to let go
-saeran was not pleased with the aftermath of that

BONUS (bc I love him and a lil sad he didn’t get a route, but nonetheless love cheritz for their hard work anyways)

-he acts so annoyed by it
-but really, he loves it
-he loves that you want to be close to him, and hold his hand and he loves catching your scent when you’re curled up next to him
-you’ll sleep next to him with your arms wrapped around him and wake up with him holding you back
-whenever you ask about it though, he denies that he likes it
-claims that it’s childish
-but any time you ever pull away from him, he’ll grab you and pull you back to him
-but deny that he ever did that
-just hold this boy and never let go


*this is the only edition

ryuji would be the best oniichan fite me irl if u disagree

  • seriously like???? he cares so much and he’d be SO PROTECTIVE
  • hey remember when ann showed up in the metaverse and his thought process wasn’t “man this chick is gonna slow us down and be annoying” but instead it was “ann could get really hurt if she came with us i don’t want her getting dragged into this”
  • like remember how his dad was abusive remember that he would totally FITE HIS DAD FOR THIS SIB, you know it
  • if it was a little sister i would literally die, rip me, because u know he would dote on her so much.
  • “hey [xxx]-chan, let’s go to the park!! of course you can wear your loveline costume!! don’t forget the lettuce i bought to feed the ducks!!!”
  • (psa, do not feed ducks bread. give them things like corn or lettuce or birdseed.)
  • he’d do like tea parties with her and let her put bows in his hair and paint his nails and he’d be like “WOW YOU DID SUCH A GOOD JOB WOW MY NAILS LOOK SO GOOD” and he’d go to school with them the next day, dress code be damned
  • “akira look what my sis did for me!!” “wow she did a good job.” “I KNOW RIGHT”
  • and they’d play dressup and stuff like that and he’d be the dragon she slays or the demon that guards the treasure and each and every time she overcame some kind of obstacle he set up he’d be like “ur the smartest kid on the planet why didn’t i think of that solution, truly u r the True Genius of this family”
  • but even if it was a little bro COULD U IMAGINE
  • he could idolize him and be like “ONIICHAN UR THE GREATEST” and they’d go on runs together and play tag through the house and accidentally break things and mom would get mad but ryuji would always take the blame
  • or he could think he’s The Most Annoying™ and fight back against the attention with exasperated sighs and eye rolls and “moooom ryuji won’t put me down!!”
  • ryuji is best big bro

akira would also probably be a big bro

  • i kinda think his parents are The Literal Worst™ (reblog if u agree)
  • so if he had a sib it would probably be a younger one they had by accident
  • (so like i kind of think akira was born because someone’s parents really wanted grandchildren but now all the grandparents are dead and everything is sad)
  • so lil bro or sis would prob be ignored and shunted to the side by The Asshole Parents™
  • which basically leaves it to akira to take care of them
  • akira is like, the stern but cool older brother who is like “no we are not having cookies for dinner BUT if you do well on your math test we can bake some this weekend” or “i heard you got in a fight at school. i don’t care who started it, so just tell me this: did you win?”
  • lil sib probably looks up to him way more than they can express or he can understand. growing up with parents who basically just don’t care about you makes you super appreciative of any kind of affection or praise so they’d have a super close relationship
  • would be D E V A S T A T E D by his having to move away after the Incident
  • wow look an actual legit canon reason for akira to go home at the end of the game instead of “just because he gotta”
  • (he don’t gotta. y u do this atlus)

yusuke the biological only child (who gets adopted??)

  • ok so hear me out
  • wait hold on–did we ever learn about yusuke’s dad?? i literally can’t remember so i’m just gonna say: probably dead
  • yusuke’s mom probably didn’t have time to have any other kids before she kicked it (sry mrs kitagawa) BUT
  • i think the students of madarame were closer than the game prolly had time to get into?? like the guy whose heart u change in mementos asks you to go back and save yusuke and i just feel like there had to be some STRONG BONDS there
  • all i’m saying is there was an older student ok like 2-6 years older than him who loved him like a brother bc c’mon he’s a little out there but HOW COULD U NOT boy is sweet as the candy he drops way too much yen on.
  • probably had to remind him to eat and shit like that while they were with madarame like “dude u can’t live on paint fumes PLEASE EAT FOOD PLEASE”
  • also had no social skills so could not coach him on social skills
  • hated to leave him but couldn’t stay for their own mental health and always regretted leaving him behind
  • so yeah probably later after the game they reached out to him
  • and just kind of informally adopted him as their lil bro like “you’re mine now, i’m going to protect you and buy you food”

akechi the foster brother

  • so here’s the deal with akechi
  • he knows what it’s like to be in the system and bounce around and have no one who cares or listens or wants you there and it just. it’s hard and terrible and no one deserves to feel that way ever.
  • so he decides he’s going to be big bro to literally every difficult foster kid he ever comes across.
  • getting bullied? guess it’s time to come home with me where i will tell you that you are absolutely the best and what the bullies say doesn’t matter ever and you will never ever know this but i’m gonna fuck up that kid’s future times 10000%
  • moody and combative? c’mon, you can have your own room and lock the door on me all you want and i’ll sit outside in the hall for four hours to teach you that no, i’m not going to give up on you and you are worth the time and effort because you matter so much.
  • really timid and scared of everything? it’s okay, we’re going somewere safe and i will let you hide wherever you want, even if you scare the living daylights out of me when i reach under the sink for the dishsoap and i see you curled up in there. you can crawl in my bed when you have a nightmare absolutely, i’m not going to kick you out and i’m not going to hurt you
  • M A G I C A L
  • u can’t tell me he wouldn’t care so much about foster kids
  • u just can’t it’s illegal

mishima gotta be someone’s lil bro

  • lol this boy like
  • he has to have an older sib, there’s no question about it
  • boye just too insecure to be big bro to someone else, he’d suck at it
  • which, yknow, would actually be really funny but i was kind of going for canon-plausible (SHUT UP I KNOW) and reasonably healthy relationships
  • so what i kind of imagined here was like, an older sister who’s kind of critical of him but damn she tries to be there for him because their parents are certainly not
  • she tells him under no uncertain terms that he NEEDS to quit the volleyball team because this is not safe or right in any degree and you know it yuuki
  • (he did know it yuuki but she also told him he needs to stop giving up on things so easily and he just?? didn’t want to give up?? if he could hold on just a little longer maybe it would get better)
  • she’ll clean his cuts and be like “ok whatever you say yuuki, you know what’s best for you”
  • but he totally doesn’t
  • i just want him to have someone who supports and loves him because obviously he’s not getting that from his parents and he NEEDS LOVE AND GUIDANCE PLEASE

so uh yeah that’s it for now. if you want more like this send me a request and i’ll get on it!