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r we saying stuff about webcomics c I just read one recently it was suppppper good and I can't wait for it to update again, the art is awesome and the plot is so funny and a lil sad and it's honestly so perf? it's called SWAN idk if uve heard of it?? ;)

I think so?? does it have a tragic girl named Keira and a terrible shadow creature bc Ive read it and it’s ok. the author needs to update more often tbh

(that was sarcasm thank you omg….)

Thoughts on “Jesus’s Son”

(These are just some ramblings, and if you’re on the app: my sincerest apologies for the shitlong post)

I was jus thinking about this recently, but what do you guys reckon “Jesus’s Son” is about? 

I was reading the comments on the youtube video and then I saw that it had a bit more dislikes compared to their other videos and it made me a lil’ sad, lol. Quite some people seemed to claim that the song was “shallow” or “superficial”, and it got me thinking a bit… because yes, while it does sound a lot more happy, positive and life-affirming, that doesn’t really equates to it being shallow or cheap. 

I mean, sure it’s not my fave Placebo-song - but personally I sincerely think they succeeded with writing a song that evokes happy and bright feelings, at least within me, which usually isn’t the case when I listen to say, “generic” happy pop songs. So, in a sense I think they did managed to convey true emotion, thus it isn’t shallow, to me. 

I mean, it’s probably even harder to write songs that are considered “deep” whilst trying to channel a happy or positive message, when we usually seem to connect depth, sincerity and intellect with more melancholic and dark songs. I mean, writing about depressing or angst themes might as well be used as cheap trick for bands and artists to be taken more seriously these days, no matter how truthful their blue songs really are. Honestly,  right now (or basically in all eras, I guess) there are some really popular but cringe, overdramatic “sad” songs in the mainstream, that doesn’t succeed with conveying something really substantial, in my opinion. Dark isn’t automatically sincere, is it?

I think, from the start, Placebo’s standpoint has always been that they want to communicate emotion and “say something about the human condition”, and in order to do that you must really mean and relate to what you’re writing about. To be writing about darker subject solely to please your audience is really not truthful. In my point of view, Placebo are sticking to their core motif and are conveying something honest that evokes emotions (although that obviously will always be subjective). 

So, I think that was what I wanted to say about the song sounding “happy” and therefore “shallow”. As an artist I think you always have to try and push your own boundaries. Sure, they could replicate the sounds of their earlier records and maybe it would be more successful, but it wouldn’t be very creative. I think what they’ve done now with this track is rather brave since it’s quite different from a large part of their back catalogue, so naturally a lot of fans may be upset. Then again, this is just the first single and we have no idea what the other songs are gonna be like. I mean, they do have a history of releasing singles that are pretty unlike the rest of the album’s content (Taste In Men and Pure Morning, for example, and even Loud Like Love, in my opinion).

(Also, I don’t really think this is the first “happy” song Placebo have put out, at least not sonically speaking, in my opinion. I guess it’s different for everyone, but songs such as Bionic, Come Home, Allergic, I Do or 36 Degrees, all have an atmosphere and sound to them that evokes “happy” or rather warm, bright feelings within me, despite not necessarily having particularly “happy” lyrics. To me, the difference between these kinds of “happy” feelings is that the earlier records seem a lot more vibrating with teenage angst (*wink wink*), bubbling hormones and chaos, while the newer ones are more maturely “happy”.. if that makes any sense?

Now, this made me think more about the lyrics of the song as well. They’re actually really interesting when you start to analyze them, and not at all sugary sweet and happy, but more suggestive. I get the sense of the subject of the song having come to a realisation or having accepted themselves and where their place in the world is, sort of. Being abel to feel happy and enjoy the moment as it happens and no longer dwell on what’s been lost in the past; and even though life is scary and chaotic at times, you know you’ll be okay and you’re excited and opportunistic for what the future might hold - ready to embrace whatever life throws at you. Deciding to start indulging in what is now.

I saw someone saying that the lyrics aren’t creative anymore, and I have to say I disagree. Sure, they might not have as many abrasive or witty twists to them anymore, but I don’t think Brian’s writing has become less creative (I think that’s more of a stylistic, conscious choice on his part). Take the first and second verse for example (they’re copied from azlyrics, so they may not be perfect):

1st verse:

Stand, stand to attention
The moment’s passed you by
Now is the rest of your life
Dare, dare I to mention
Your laughter makes me cry
A speck of dust in my eye

2nd verse:

Bone, bone of contention
I’ve lost the count of times
I’ve seen you fucking goodbye
So good, orderly direction
To pull you from the mire
Your universe on fire

Personally I think they’re very beautiful but minimalistic. Maybe it’s because English isn’t my native tongue (that being said, please excuse my poor grammar, sentence building and what not, lol), but to me they’re not overly simplistic either and I don’t understand exactly what they’re about just by reading them - they’re open for interpretation, which I like a lot. 

Then it’s the refrain:

And I am unafraid and blissful
Here I come
I am unashamed at getting nothing done
I’m a cavalcade that tumbles one by one
But I’m okay, just like Jesus’ Son

Some people appeared to be upset because they thought Brian was an atheist or that the line “But I’m okay, just like Jesus’ Son” was weird or shallow…? One comment with a lot of likes read:

“I used to love you a lot. I was a massive fan because your music had creativity, wit and emotions. Now this is just too superficial and you are clearly doing it only for the money. "I"m okay, just like Jesus’ son?” wft?“

Strange and inaccurate conclusions, I find. I mean, sure everyone is entitled to their own opinion based on their subjective viewpoint, but I want to touch on some things that were expressed. First off; doing it for the money? Really? If Placebo were a band hungry for money, why for example have they toured so many countries of South East Asia where they aren’t exactly going to make a ton of profit? The gig in Croatia, right after the revolution, that actually made them lose money (I mean I don’t know much about all this, but you can read some about it in this interview with Brian). And then there’s the charity gigs, e.g. that one in Cambodia. I don’t really think it’s fair or even logical to say that they would make a lighter and perhaps more “pop-y” song in order to make more money? Like, come on. Also, I don’t think they’re so oblivious as to believe that this new song is exactly what the fanbase will endorse - I reckon they’re very much aware of the expectations of them, but they’re deciding to musically challenge that. As Brian has (roughly) stated previously; “the goal is to destroy what makes you popular”.

(also, can we just take a moment and kinda appreciate that Brian and Stef  still are here, after 20 years in the business. Not all too man other bands from the 90′s have survived this far, whilst maintaining this level of ambition and love for creating new music. I mean, I just think it’s pretty impressive and they seem to work really hard, honestly).

Yet I agree that the lyrics are a bit confusing - because really, who the fuck is Jesus’s son? Is he actually referring to Judah, the controversial and very much debated, alleged child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene? Unlikely, I reckon, because what would that mean? Does he mean that he feels blessed, because presumably the son of Jesus would be very much so? Though, what is really known about Judah and how would that correlate to the positive theme of the song? He sings “I’m okay, just like Jesus’ Son”, but I don’t think Judah was all that okay, I mean his alleged father got crucified and I think I read that he himself was subjected to an assassination attempt. Unless we’re dealing with some seeerious sarcasm on Brian’s part, I guess it’s kinda safe to say he’s not referring to Judah…

Then I thought, could it have some connection to Velvet Underground’s “Heroin”, in which Lou Reed sings :

When I put a spike into my vein
And I’ll tell ya, things aren’t quite the same
When I’m rushing on my run
And I feel just like Jesus’ son

Is “Jesus’s Son” perhaps some sort of metaphor for a feeling almost alike that of a heroin rush? Is it a way of describing this sort of euphoric, warm, blissful, carefree or safe feeling that the song might be trying to convey? I mean, I think he has made references to heroin in other songs as well (Begin The End, and perhaps My Sweet Prince and Without You I’m Nothing, e.g.), so why not, y’know.

Or could it be a reference to the movie with the same name (showed up when I googled “Jesus’ Son”), from 1999, which were based on the short story collection also named Jesus’ Son, written by Denis Johnson? I haven’t seen the movie (nor read the book), but IMDB describes the movie like this:

A gentle and usually mellow young man, who sometimes knows things before they happen and gets vibes of premonition, tell us his story: how he met Michelle in Iowa in 1971, how he got the name Fuckhead, how she introduced him to heroin and their falling in love, his thieving, his hospital work and their time in Chicago when she gets pregnant, detox, going to Phoenix to live, AA meetings and a dance, working at a care center where he learns to touch the residents, and modifying his daily schedule so that he passes a neighboring Mennonite household at the right time to hear the wife sing Gospel songs in the shower. Slowly, very slowly, FH lets his gifts emerge. “

Could it in that case be some sort of reference to the journey of having been very low down, but managing to turn your life around for the better and now having an optimistic outlook on the future? Or I mean, I don’t even know, man.

And really guys, just because he refers to Jesus and perhaps uses him as a metaphor, it doesn’t necessarily means that he’s a born again christian. Sure, he seems to have become more spiritual during the last, don’t know, decade? But more leaning towards Buddhism and Spirituality, I reckon. 

I mean, “Little Mo” contains the repeated lyrics “Tonight, Jesus loves you”, in “Haemoglobin” he sings “Jesus looking down on me, I’m prepared for one big silence”, “I.K.W.Y.L” is strewn with religious references and for example in the music video for Come Home, he wears that red t-shirt with “God Is Love” written on it. Does this mean that he’s secretly  been a christian since 1996? Obviously not. One can use religious themes in their music for different reasons without for that sake conforming to said religion. And for the record, I don’t even think he’s ever said that he’s an atheist, has he?


All that being said, guys, I do have a slight problem with the title of the next EP: ”Life’s What You Make It”. I mean sure, that’s true and all, but it’s such an overused expression that it makes me cringe a little, lol. But hey, don’t judge an album by it’s title, maybe (?).

If you read all of this bullshit you’re a true champ. What’s your thoughts on the matter? Who or what do you think “Jesus’ Son” is?

Peace out.

I’VE BEEN RECIVING REALLY NICE MESSAGES ABOUT THE “They Com From Above” video, and I REALLY want to say thanks, for all the kind words <3 really everyone, you are the best.

Sadly is dead and well that makes me a lil sad but I had a bunch of fun making it and it really makes me happy how everyone like it!!  hmmm it’s a lot of emotions! anger, happiness, sadness, blah blah.

seriously, thank you!!! is kinda late for it, but you know, I’ve been working with some stuff… and I’ve been thinking a bunch in things I am going to do later, like make an animation with my real potential…maybe just for me or for practice… some day….. anyway,  I just wanted to pull out this, thank you again <3

Contact - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Words: 988
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Featuring: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Warnings: uh idk lil bit of sad
Requested by anon
Can I please request a Bucky x reader imagine where they are best friends and the reader is oddly obsessed with Bucky’s metal arm? Like when they’re walking she’ll always want to hold his metal hand, when they’re sitting on the couch she will play with his metal fingers, etc. The reason she’s so obsessed with it is just because she thinks it’s really interesting and different? Also, maybe Bucky wouldn’t particularly like this so much because he would rather feel the skin on skin contact? Thanks!
Authors Note: im really tired and here it is. BUT ITS KINDA CUTE EE

Masterlist. Request List.

You smiled as you held a grip on Bucky’s metal hand, as you the two of you walked around the park and talked nonsense.

“I feel like I’m getting strange looks,” Bucky whispered to you.

“Why is that?”

“I just feel like everyone around us is staring at me because of my arm,” He shrugged.

You cocked your head and smiled, holding your hands up together. “Bucky, they might be looking at you because they recognize you?” You laughed a bit.

“Oh, right.” He looked down.

“Bucky, is something wrong?” You asked, and began to mess around with his metal fingers. You had noticed that recently he was more reluctant to touch you, and pulled his hands away quicker.

“What?” Bucky’s head snapped up to you, “Oh, yes, I’m fine.”

You cocked an eyebrow at him, but let him get away with the clear lie.  "We should head back to the facility,“ You started, "Steve is probably worrying about us.”

Bucky stifled out a laugh and nodded. “Let’s go for a walk around the park real quick,” Bucky stood up, “I’m sure Steve won’t mind us appreciating nature.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” You nodded, and Bucky held out his hand to take yours. You laughed a bit and shook your head, and you lightly slapped his hand out of the way to grab his metal hand.

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Drinking Deep

So here’s the first of my two planned submissions for the perc’ahlia vacation ficswap! Um. I’m mostly writing the second one as an apology because this one is. a lil sad. I went sort of sideways with my prompt from @barrajagrn, which was “in a bookstore”. Next one will be both more straightforward and less miserable. Enjoy!

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