Wherever you are, that’s where you’re life is. That’s where you’re living. So be present wherever you may be. You can take vacations from places. Take breaks from people. Leave things behind and take things with you. But no matter where you go, you go. You’re there. You’re life at that moment is there. So be present. Always.

Shiro and self-loathing both start with an ‘s’.

Sometimes, Shiro just doesn’t feel… good. Scarred, lesser, not even half the man he was before; sometimes Shiro just has bad days.

You should leave him, Some part he refuses to own up to will whisper to him, an ugly traitor. Leave him before you fuck him up, too. Leave him while he still sees you as something to love.

You’re going to kill him. You’ll ruin him; just like Keith, just like Matt and Dr. Holt.


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miss-lily-quinn  asked:

I stroke your face with a bloodied hand, brushing away your tears. "Don't worry, dear, I won't hurt you~" I am given a teary-eyed, disbelieving look from you. You flinch away, violently, when I get closer to you. "Don't fret, my love~" I purr, again. I feel my heart pounding, despite my calm facade. I've never been this close to you while you were awake. You're eyeing my dripping knife, wearily. I take notice, sliding it away. "Do you trust me now?" Of course you do. You don't have a choice~