Ask a Professional Comedian: Lil Rel Howery

ukeurowholock asked you:
why do you call yourself Lil Rel? Is it short for relish?

No its not short for relish lol and Lil Rel was a nickname given to me in highschool my freshman year by the seniors on the Varsity Basketball team I played Frosh Soph and my cousin who also played on the Varsity name was Derail so all them called me Lil Rel just that simple the thing is when you get a nickname at a hood school it sticks with you for the rest of your life….

these-lungs-are-black asked you:
the best thing about being a comedian ? @ lil rel

The Best thing about being a comedian honestly for me is the traveling…I’ve been around the world and its all because I can make people laugh…

lamesjucey asked you:
To Lil Rel: What’s stopping you from becoming a regular size Rel or larger?

Nothing at all….

Anonymous asked you:
Lil Rel: Who’s your favorite comedian to perform with??

I have a few um Russell Peters, Rickey Smiley, Bill Bellemy, Ced the entertainer, Lavar Walker, Chris Spencer, J. Reid, D’lai, David Helem and Keisha Hunt… Its more but they are fun to work with….

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