+LISTEN HERE A mother fucking marching band mix, because hell yes. T R A C K S: LET’S DO IT|afterschool A DIFFERENT BEAT|little mix LOSE MY BREATH|destiny’s child 4 MINUTES|madonna SALUTE|little mix HOLLABACK GIRL|gwen stefani MORRIS BROWN|outkast ALL MY HEROES ARE WEIRDOS|!!! BOMBS OVER BAHGDAD|outkast HUNTER|bjork SPACE ODDITY|david bowie LET’S GO|trick daddy BANG!|afterschool BIRD FLU|m.i.a. BAD GIRLS|m.i.a. RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS)|beyonce BRING THE BOYS BACK HOME|pink floyd MARCHING BAND MEDLEY|drumline ost

Iron Maiden with Clive Burr (they just got Bruce Dickinson too) in 1982.


System of a Down-Toxicity, Drum Cover, 5 Year Old Drummer, Jonah Rocks


acedaryl asked:

sorry for messaging you out of the blue like that but i cant get the image of punk scully playing the drums out of my head rip me

lone gunmen probably have a set of instruments in their basement level apartment because langly was like HEY LET’S GET A BAND TOGETHER and frohike was like YEAH LET’S DO IT and BYERS YOU CAN SING BACK UP VOCALS

so they have this nearly untouched band equipment in their place p much only used when they’re drunk, so the crew is over there together one evening just hanging out when scully gets behind this drum kit and everyone is laughing like “haha scully sure you rock star” and then she just just fuuckin smashes out a lil drum solo and is like “I took a semester of percussion in high school.” 

everyone is a little bit in love with her. 

It’s that day of the year I’m always excited for. It’s your birthday. But this is a special one. You are turning 21. You are an adult now. For me you will always be that lil kid drumming on the chairs like a pro, the lil kid going out to shovel snow, that kid sitting on the stairs and singing with the most beautiful voice on this planet. I’m one your site since you are 15 (!) and I regret nothing I did for you since that! Talking about you feels like you are my best friend and we know each other for years even if you are miles away and I might never meet you but I know you love us and I’m one of them.
No matter what you are doing. No matter what you are saying. I will always support you as much as you kept me alive with your music. I know you are a handsome boy who just wants to make the world a better place !
I love you until my heart stops beating and I’m so thankful for having you in my life ! I love you !

Happy 21st Birthday Justin ! 💜


@thehawk72 replied to your post:@thehawk72 replied to your post: thehawk72 said:…
I dont know, it just sounded so…VIOLENT. Like, a throbbing heartbeat (which is a strange way to describe it). It was making me uncomfortable lol

well. that’s um understandable. it’s twenty one pilots. but yeah, i feel you, the first few times i felt really awkward and uncomfy and then i realized how much i loved it. but yes, the songs i gave are more chill, as well as Trees, acoustic Car Radio (live at the pinkpop, just with the ukulele and a lil drum) , Truce, and a few others ^.^

lol no pressure though!!! seriously haha


Lil man playing drums with his dad! #drummer #musician #church #band #kids #bass #instruments #tama #music