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PREMIERE: Lil Daggers - Dead Golden Girls

This Miami rock outfit demonstrate more of an Echo and the Bunnymen vibe here than their previous efforts akin to the garage rock of, say, The Trogs. Loving what they’re laying down - moody and blue and full of sex appeal.

The video was directed and produced by Johnny Saraiva and Matthew Prickett, Michael Ruiz Unger. Band’s on Tumblr here. You can their stream or buy their new self-titled LP on Bndcmp, or buy it on wax in the US through Limited Fan Fare, in the UK through Song By Toad Records on December 5th.

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New video for Dada Brown

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LIL DAGGERS“Slave Exchange”

Typically a lot of college-aged individuals (thanks to their respective Dad rock collections) are obsessed with The Doors, with their failed attempts at mimicking those lavish pyschedelic organ melodies and drugged-out vocal yearns.  Furthermore, it’s usually very unlikely that a full band pulls of an influenced sound and does so with some sort of creativity.  Well, in steps Florida’s Lil Daggers with their greasy rock romp “Slave Exchange”, a two part song with its blasé guitar ooze leading into a wailing outro of head-bangin’ proportions… great stuff!  "Slave Exchange" will be available on Lil Daggers self-titled LP, out April 12th on Livid Records.

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Lil Daggers - Ulcer on the Skull

Been a fan of these wild Floridians for a while - even since before their excellent single “Dead Golden Girls”. Makes my heart swell watching to this sweet video directed by Michael J. Ruiz-Unger

No Pizza No Peace EP is out now on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond.

Madeline Steinberg on AdHoc:

…The black-and-white clip captures the scene unfolding at a very mod party where an all ladies version of Lil Daggers controls the room with their moody psych-rock. The “Lady Daggers” seem to simultaneously open up and fuzz out the party-goers’ minds, the crowd swaying to the song like the music is putting their ennui in motion…

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Above is a fresh video for ANR‘s ambient track ‘Dead Gulf’, which appeared as the B-Side of our ‘Big Problem’ 7″ this past January. The song soundscapes a remixed clip of our ‘Corynactis viridis‘ Natural History film from last year. Video artist Jamie Harley reworks the original clip, effectively transforming the 8mm corallimorph polyp into a anthropomorphic troubadour.

Just below is the Matthew Prickett directed video for Lil Daggers’ track ‘King Corpse’, released last year.

Check out a Beings video created by Plains’ Jorge Gonzalez Graupera


Lil Daggers - Pair of Lives

Really impressed by the artistic vision of this original video directed by the Miami band’s lead singer Johnny Saraiva. The liquid smoke slowness going on this tune matches the harsh lighting and black and white contrast of the piece. 

You can their pick up their self-titled LP on Bndcmp, or buy it on wax in the US through Limited Fan Fare, in the UK through Song By Toad Records.

Previously: “Dead Golden Girls




Review: Lil Daggers - S/T

By Sonam Parikh

Lil Daggers recently released their 11-song album on bandcamp. The Miami boys produce a way of psychedelic pop, which is underlined by the organ and breezy, self-assured vocals. They describe themselves on bandcamp as “crunk garage psychedelic pop,” and I would have to say, it’s quite the astute description of them. They are capable of producing a song with a steady tempo that slowly turns into a psychedelic odyssey. These boys can jam, so check them out because I’m sure this won’t be the last time any of us will be hearing of them. Purchase the album here

This one side of our next split 7”, with Lil Daggers and The Underground Youth.  Buy a copy here:

Lil Daggers are a sludgey, creepy-sounding psych-rock band from Miami, and after releasing their King Corpse EP and debut album they came to us with this: a split 7" with a band from Manchester who we hadn’t heard of before: The Underground Youth.

And we’re glad they did. The two songs complement one another beautifully, and the new sound makes me look forward to the next Lil Daggers record even more.

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Lil Daggers - Wasting (2011)

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Discosoma alums Lil Daggers have a new 7" gestating via Smoky Carrot Records. Check out the b-side, ‘Snakebird’, above.

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Lil Daggers Rules Everything Around Me

Les Lil Daggers avaient un peu disparu des radars depuis leur brillant 45t King Korpse, et leur premier 12" sur Limited Fanfare va sans aucun affirmer leur suprématie.

La j'avoue, je m'agenouille volontiers devant le génie de ces mecs. Dead Golden Girls  en une fraction de seconde vous fait basculer dans un mauvais road trip  nocturne dans la banlieue de L.A., perché à l'acide. Le dealer qui vous traque toute la nuit devient tout à coup un dragon et le semer fera de vous le Roi du Crépuscule. S'inspirant du chamanique Gun Club, Lil Daggers y ajoute le souffre pour que s'embrase tout ce qui se trouve autour de nous.

Cette galette venue de Miami recèle en son sein d'autres trésor. Appuyé par des lignes de chant sensuelle et un clavier funéraire, l'album des Lil Daggers c'est le moment ou Salma Hayek se transforme en vampire, on a du mal à y croire et pourtant c'est a partir de là qu'on prend notre pied.

Lil Daggers - S/T (2011, Limited Fanfare)

Jackson Coquille

LIL DAGGERS was originally conceived as a home recording project involving close friends in the summer of 2008. After only a few short years, this Miami, FL 5-piece has built itself in to a strong collective with a knack for pumping out psych-rock jams that are equal parts powerful, succinct and sprawling. Being based in a place where sun, sand and tourists are the norm, Lil Daggers offers a distinctly alternative view of the city in which they live and love, Miami. This 5 piece delivers stunning psych-rock jams: “they play deceptively simple beats and echoed fenders which bristle under the skin like a hand up a skirt, under the table of a roadhouse diner. This is also full of the sort of songs that brood and creak the floorboards in desolated motel rooms. The best sort.” Artrocker. Drawing from their mutual love for early Rock & Roll, Doo-Wop, R&B, Soul, and Punk Rock music, Lil Daggers’ Stray Chank single is a stunning combination of their influences and the vibes of bands such as Strange Boys, Black Lips and White Denim. Taking a trip through their widely acclaimed debut album’s 11 tracks released in 2011 on Miami based Limited Fanfare Records, you’ll encouter reverb-drenched vocals, classic fuzz tones, sweeping organ and sonic landscapes that make the album much more than your typical garage band knocking out 2 minute songs.

Download on iTunes.

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Video: Lil Daggers - Dead Golden Girls

By Joseph Rodriguez

If you’re familiar with Florida’s Lil Daggers, then you know these guys a versatile bunch. Their self-titled LP is a mix bag of garage pop, 60’s psychedelia and melancholic post-punk, as most notably displayed in their new video for “Dead Golden Girls”. The video is colored with a very fitting blue light that complements the organ riffs and hazy guitars that wash in and out with ease.

Lil Daggers’ self-titled LP is available for free streaming on their Bandcamp page. You can get the LP on Limited Fanfare now, or if you’re in the UK you can pick it up via Song By Toad Records December 5th.