Heck yeah i can!! Sorry for no update last Saturday, i was really busy. However, this means that i will be giving you 2 pieces this week!! Enjoy loves!!


- Aww, lil Beka

- such a cutie, loves you so much

- now, we all know that beka is a kuudere (along with Seung but like-)

- so he’s not well w/ the expressing feelings bit

- cuddling is basically his go-to for affection bc 

- he <3 u

- cuddles usually consist of him wrapping his arms around your waist

- your head on his chest

- and a leg thrown over his waist

- it’s the only way you will ever cuddle

- <3


- k u u d e r e

- baby really bad at showing his feels

- he tries for you though, i swear

- also lil korean bby’s way of showing affection in private

- rests his head on your chest or lays it on your stomach

- arms always go around waist/hips

- legs are tangled

- he feels really wrong if you dont cuddle like that ; v ;

- <3

~Question, uhm, where do i find a Jonathan Byers?

~Question pending…


“I like the pastel colors.” // Harry Styles + Flower Crowns