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I am the proud fur baby parent, but unfortunately my baby, Pawbert Meowny Jr. (like Robert Downey Jr.) has very painful crystals/stones in his bladder and it could eventually lead to a very bad infection. Thankfully, we caught this in its early stages, but the vet bills are still expensive. Just...

Hi guys, please donate to help save my fur baby, like literally even a reblog

they found painful crystals/stones in his bladder and if it isn’t fixed soon, it could potentially kill him.


Q. Why can’t we stop watching cat videos? 

A. Because we’ve been brainwashed by our secret feline overlords (duh).

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In all seriousness, though, we’ve decided to pursue the answers to some of life’s important questions, like: Why are cat videos so popular? Why are we willing to waste** hours of our lives watching them? And why is Grumpy Cat so grumpy? 

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Thankfully, some of our favorite writers (Carl Wilson, Elena Passarello, Alexis Madigral, Jillian Steinhauer, Stephen Burt, Matthea Harvey, Kevin Nguyen, and more) have agreed to answer these questions and more in a book called Cat is Art Spelled Wrong, which we’re funding right now through our Catstarter.

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A $20 pre-order gets you a copy of the book (with your name inside, disguised in a cat). There are also posters, a kitty totebag, and the opportunity to host the entire Internet Cat Video Festival in your backyard.

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Plus, y'know, you’ll be helping make sure the writers are paid well for their work. Kick in for your very own copy today and spread the word by reblogging and sharing the news with your friends!

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