Lil Bub – The Celebrity Kitten with a Positive Message

This is Lil Bub. Found in a tool shed in rural Indiana, Lil Bub was born with a series of genetic anomalies. However this little kitten is healthy and didn’t have to claw her way to fame and stardom as one the cutest kittens on the Internet. And this is no dumb beauty – Lil Bub has a positive message for the world.

Lil Bub has dwarfism. Her limbs are smaller than the rest of her body which prevents her from jumping. She is also completely toothless which causes her tongue to stick out. She also has a genetic anomaly called polydactylism which causes her to have extra toes on all of her paws.

What started as a few photos on the Internet turned into celebrity cat status – Lil Bub has over 200,000 Instagram and Facebook followers, millions of Youtube viewers, her own web TV show with guest celebrities, a book: Lil Bub’s Lil Book, and an award-winning documentary: Lil Bub and Friendz.

More importantly, Lil Bub spreads the message that being different is beautiful. Some of her fans have said that her message has helped them get through difficult times. Sometimes it takes an Internet cat to remind us of what is important in life.


BUB’s stretching out on the set of her own book.

Lil BUB’s Lil BOOK” comes out on GOOD JOB BUB Day this Tuesday. You can still pre-order now and there are still several hundred limited edition, signed bookplates and bookmarks available. The only way to get those is by pre-ordering. 

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As with all BUB stuff, a generous portion of the proceeds go to helping other animals in need. 

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