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I’m currently watching The Walking Dead, I’m 5 episodes away from finishing season 6…and I need to tell you something…

I ship Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene…there, I said it. I’m not ashamed. 

And yes, I’m really pissed off that Beth got killed the way that she did, she didn’t deserve it and neither did Daryl…it was like giving a lollipop to Lil’ Asskicker and her been exited about it and just when she is starting to taste it…

BOOM! someone takes it away with a punch on her head and laugh about how she stars crying. Because it was obvious they liked each other more than just friends, and killing her in front of her all group (DARYL JUST 5 STEPS AWAY)…

Bitch, that was cruel…I’m out.

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Just look at this two cinnamon rolls!!!!

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Do you have any hcs on Ace, Zoro, Law, Sanji, and Kid on how life would be with their newborn baby? Thank you!



  • a fucking natural at this
  • knows what his baby needs whenever it needs it
  • his baby would just…calm down right after being placed in his arms, what the hell Ace, tell us your secret
  • makes grimaces at his baby and tries to get them to giggle or smile
  • he’s just on cloud nine with this kid, marvels at everything they do and shows them around everywhere
  • Ace it’s ok Newgate, Dadan, Garp, Luffy, Sabo, Marco and Makino all fucking love your baby, but now keep it cool


  • where the fuck is the turn off button?
  • yells after his crewmates when he has no idea what to do which is all the time in different tones, octaves and emotions, mostly he yells after Robin, Brook, Sanji, Jinbe and Chopper so they can help him figure shit out
  • he probably set their crib right next to him and watches his baby like a guard dog whenever they’re sleeping, his hands right by his katanas when he hears as much as ‘suspicious’ footsteps
  • it surprised him that he enjoys feeding them with the bottle 


  • *footage of Law banging his head against his desk as his baby starts screaming*
  • “Now Cora-san’s fruit would really come in handy…”
  • he knows how to wash a baby, or feed it or change it or hold it, that’s all no problem but he has hard time figuring out what the baby wants 
  • reads bedtime stories about gross diseases for his ecstatic baby and loves cuddling with them
  • he’d be secretly really proud because his kid would be a really handsome little boy or pretty little girl


  • *luckiest swirly browed fool on planet fucking earth*
  • HE TOTALLY would get one of those babyslings or backpacks so he can keep his nugget close to him at all times while he can still focus on cooking and everything
  • has already spend too much money on cute prince or princess costumes before it was born
  • *Nami’s voice* “Sanji you’re spoiling your kid too much..already”
  • he just loves them so much, he spends every minute kissing their feet, hands, nose, ears, mouth


  • shit, shit, shit
  • he has no fucking idea what he does 24/7 and his crewmates ain’t helpful because they don’t really know shit about babies either
  • he does kind of like the bath times tho, because he’s not afraid to get messy and all
  • would probably brutally beat up anybody that looks at his kid the wrong way
  • calls his baby “lil’ asskicker”
  • he loves it when the baby balls up their tiny hands to fists, like they’re ready to fight
Runaways // Carl Grimes

Summary: you accidentally get pregnant with your boyfriend, Carl’s baby and Rick doesn’t exactly take it the best…

Warnings: mentions of abortion -

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You’d done a lot of things that had caused major anxiety over the last 5 years. Slaying zombies day after day, putting down your mother after she was bit, telling Carl you were in love with him for the first time. Yet one of the hardest things you’d have to do was tell your boyfriends father you were pregnant, telling Carl himself actually being the second hardest.

“We don’t have to do this you know? We could just get in the car right now and leave, we never have to come back” Carl joked with a laugh

“No, we have to do this. It’s now or never right?” You smiled lightly. One hand in Carls, the other rested on your growing bump which was actually a decent size for 3 months.

Rick walked in, looking oddly happy and took a seat on the one person chair ahead of you and Carl.

“You said you had to speak to me?” He said and got comfy in the seat Carl looked at you for a moment, taking a deep breathe before he began speaking.

“Y/N and i, we uhh, we’re having a baby” He began “It wasn’t planned but we’re prepared to look after and protect this baby. We can do this dad” It was completely silent for a moment, no one dared to move let alone talk. What happened next truly did shock you and you’re sure it shocked Carl just as much, maybe even more.

“Y-you’re what? Are you both stupid? We’re in the middle of a damn apocalypse and you go and get pregnant!” Rick yelled, his voice full of rage and unkept anger. You could swear you’d never seen a man’s face so red.

“You’re acting like we planned this, it wasn’t meant to happen but that’s my child and i’ll love it” Carl yelled back while you just sat in shock, your shaky hands still resting on your developing stomach.

“You need to think about yourselves here, the best thing to do and i hate to say this would be to get rid of the child” You gasped at Ricks words and tears weld in your eyes.

“How could you say that?” you said broken heartedly

“You’re disgusting” Carl spat “We’re leaving. We’re going to look after this baby, together” Carl grabbed your hand and you two headed for the day, with one last glance at a less angry Rick you were out the door.

“Where will we go? I can’t live out in the forest again Carl, it’s not safe” you spoke sadly realising that maybe the best thing to do would be to rid of the baby.

“I found a small hut a few miles away on a run a few months back. I stocked it up with some supplies, i had a feeling we may have needed it one day” Carl said as you two got in one of the smaller, ready to go cars.

“What if your dad’s right? I don’t want to bring a baby into this world, not with the dead ready to kill at every corner. Maybe its best if we-”

“Hey, don’t speak like that. We’re going to give this baby an amazing life, even with the way it is now” he cut in

“I just don’t want to lose the baby to one of them, i couldn’t live with it” You answered right as you drove past a walker who seemed to be feasting on a once living being. You groaned in distaste and even felt slightly nauseous.

Before you knew it you had arrived at the hut. Carl had successfully loaded it with enough supplies to last a few weeks including clothes, food, personal hygiene items etc. He’d truly outdone himself with this one.

Currently the two of you were cuddled up on the small sofa, your bodies pressed tightly against one another letting the heat from the fire warm you and the house up.

“It’s so cozy in here and i’d love to stay forever but you know we have to go home soon enough” You spoke sadly

“I know… but just for a little while it’ll just be you, me and the baby. Dad knows this hut is here, he’ll come looking when he realises what he’s done” Carl pulled you closer and planted a kiss on your forehead, one of his hands was rubbing circles on your growing bump.

“We love you ya know, we being me and the baby” You replied

“I love you both too, so much” He answered

The months that followed were full of preparing for the little one.

Maggie was beyond excited to be a godmother and helped decorate the nursery when she wasn’t looking after her son.

Rick soon realised his mistakes and came to apologise to you and Carl, you didn’t fully forgive him at first but couldn’t help it once you saw how truly sorry he was for what he’d said.

You gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl and Judith was beyond ecstatic to be a big sister! Daryl even nicknamed your child ‘Lil asskicker junior’ (the nickname suit her too)

Over all life was good. You had everything you could ever ask for and more, even in the middle of a zombie apocalypse you were content.

Please? Part Fifteen

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  7. Please?
  8. Please?
  9. Please?
  10. Please?
  11. Please?
  12. Please?
  13. Please?
  14. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 1066 words
  • Warnings: Language

Everyone welcomes Carol back after you get her some water and a little bit of food into her system. She isn’t hurt, just a little dehydrated and afraid. She’s doing much better after a little bit of rest in her own bed.

But that problem doesn’t last long when Daryl, Rick, and Hershel interrogate a woman Rick found by the fence. You promise Daryl that you’ll stay with Carol, keep her company and make sure she eats a little at a time.

She doesn’t want to stay in her cell, so she sits out at one of the tables and holds Little Asskicker, singing to her and telling her how cute she is. You watch as she tries to feed her once or twice, but the baby isn’t hungry.

“Maybe this is a good time to try and sleep.” You smile at Carol, unable to hide how happy you are to have her back.

Carol shakes her head and rocks the baby in her arms, never taking her eyes off of the little thing. “I have done nothing but rest. Let me help.”

You agree and go back to braiding Beth’s hair for her. She hums a little tune and you and Carol join in after realizing she’s singing an old classic lullaby for the baby.

When Beth is satisfied with her braid, she jumps up and runs over to help Carl with some redecorating . The two of them have grown close, which is a good thing. You watch how they sit together and laugh, like normal kids should do.

“How are things with you and Daryl?” Carol asks. She stands up and starts walking around the cell block., bouncing the little baby until she closes her eyes and goes off to sleep. “You two seem closer.”

“A little.” You smile. “I think we have pushed aside all those obsticles that wee on our way. All thanks to him.” You can’t hide the smile whilst you remember the night with Daryl. Even though you ruined it after the act, it was still a good memory of Daryl trying to cheer you up. He thought you needed it at the time, so he was willing to break his own doubts—at least that’s how you took it.

Carol smirks a little, watching you sway on your feet. “Something big happened.”

“What?” You snap out of it and look over at Carol. “No…” You gulp, wishing yourself out of this room.

“No, it did. What? He go down on you?” She teases.

“He did not.” You cross your arms over your chest.

Carol laughs. “You went down on him?!”

You hold up your hands and look over to see that Beth and Carl are still in their own little corner before you turn back to Carol. “Nothing like that.”

Carol’s mouth drops open and she throws her head back to laugh harder. “Oh that’s something I would love to see. Wait, that’s weird. It’s weird… I didn’t picture him for that type of guy!” She looks at you.

“I didn’t either. Until… he started it.” You shrug. “Don’t you dare tell him you know! It’ll embarrass him too much.” You warn, pointing a finger at her.

Carol walks over and sits down on one of the steps. She nods, her face turning serious. “I promise, I will never mention sex to Daryl.” She can’t contain her laughter.

And neither can you.


You’re sitting in the backseat of the SUV with Daryl, your feet in his lap as he traces designs into the fabric of your jeans. He’s nervous, scared maybe, to know what could have happened with his buddy, Glenn and Maggie. He’s nervous for what you four may find once you get there, where Michonne is pointing you.

Rick drives, though Daryl tries to take over the wheel even after he’s on the road, just to keep Rick a little sane. Since Lori’s death, he hasn’t exactly been himself. And now with Carol back from the dead, you don’t know how much sanity is left.

It is a somewhat quiet ride. Rick turns on the air conditioning that blasts in your face. Daryl grabs his poncho from the back and covers you up, gently, so you don’t freeze.

“Carl wants to name her Judith.” Rick says after a while of driving.

Daryl looks up and tilts his head to the side. “Guess Lil’ Asskicker is outta the question.” He pokes his lower lip out and you try to conceal a giggle.

Rick nods and glances at Daryl through the rearview mirror. “I’m afraid so.” He says with a straight face, but he chuckles and looks back at the road.

You giggle as Daryl snaps his fingers playfully, whining about his cool name. You lean over and kiss his cheek. “I thought it was a cute name myself.” You rub his chest lovingly.

The inmate, Oscar, you are pretty proud for finally remembering his name, is sitting by the other window. He chuckles and watches how you interact with Daryl. “You two married or somethin’?” He asks.

Daryl shoots him a look, pulling you just a little closer to him. “Does it matter? She’s mine.”

“Calm down. He was asking a question.” You turn his face to you and kiss his cheek. This new and improved Daryl was a bit nice. Overly protective, but he was sweet, too.


“Is this the place?” Rick whispers to Michonne.

You and Daryl scout a little ahead, looking around to make sure no one is patrolling out here. Rick’s voice drowns out some as you two get a little further away.

Woodbury, the place Michonne told the group about. It looks small enough, though Michonne mentioned how big it is once you get inside. She didn’t give so many details, just where she thinks Glenn and Maggie may be held.

“If worse comes to worse,” Daryl grabs your hand and holds you back. “run. Don’t worry ‘bout nuthin’ else.”

“I’m staying with you.” You look up at him. “No matter what happens. That’s what we have to do.”

Daryl sighs and nods his head, looking down at the ground. “S’pose I ain’t gotta worry, huh? You’ve made yourself tough.”

You take his cheeks between your hands so he looks at you. You smile at him, assuring him you will be okay. “I have learned from the very best.”

7x16 Post Head-canons Judith & Carl

Just some Grimes’ Headcanons 

Message me for requests or ideas and I’ll make something of it.

Post 7x16 Carl and Judith

  • The same day they overpowered their maker, Carl is shaken. He can imagine the feeling of Lucille pressing against his skull and he doesn’t like it. He’s afraid, but he misses Judith. She always made him feel better.
  • After a few days Carl feels lost and he keeps asking Rick where Judith is, if she’s safe, no matter how many times he replies ignorantly and Carl becomes frustrated.
  • When they go to Hilltop again he asks Maggie, his hands are shaking and he wants to see his little sister, to make sure she’s safe.
  • Maggie gives him a sympathetic smile and she tells him to wait there. She brings Judith out a few minutes later.
  • Carl legit cries, and takes Judy from Maggie and presses kisses all over the toddler’s face. Judith is laughing, grabbing at his hat and Carl manages to laugh through relieved sobs.
  • Ex-

“Oh my god…” Carl whispers once he sees the little girl squirming in Maggie’s arms, reaching for her big brother. Carl lets out a quiet sob and bites his lip, rushing forward and taking Judy from the woman. He inhales her flowery scent and smooths a hand over her curly blonde hair. He presses his lips all over her face, the little girl giggling and he laughs madly through quiet cries.

  • Rick tries to hug Judith too but Carl refuses and holds her tighter and so does Judy.
  • Rick just sighs and hugs both of them, pressing a smooch into Carl’s hair and is like ‘it’s okay you’re safe, both of you. I promise I’ll protect you both.’ and Carl can’t stop crying because he can hear his mom in the back of his head.
  • After that before S8 he’s always watching Judy and they’re like bffls
  • JUDITH’S FIRST WORD IS ‘MOM’ TO CARL FIGHT ME OML (he totally cries again and hugs his dad so hard)
  • they have legit conversations while Judith is learning to talk.
  • When Judy’s five years old she always makes flower crowns and totally puts them on her brother and dad’s heads while they’re doing something.
  • Judy’s nickname is Lil’ Asskicker or J-dawg (Daryl likes the first one better but Michonne made the second.)
  • Judy always tells Carl to keep his bandage off but he’s like ('not yet you’re too young sweethart’)
  • Maggie teaches Judith how to do cute lil ponytails and french braids and practices on Carl (his hair is like, kind of long but not too long. Maybe an inch past his shoulders.)
  • Carl knows Judy isn’t Rick’s kid but sympathizes him and says 'go to dad, okay?’ and Rick is in total denial.
  • At one point during the week there’s a family cuddle session, usually Judy in the middle and Carl and Rick sandwiching her.
  • Every night Carl sings 'You are my Sunshine’ at bedtime and ends up trying not to cry while brushing Judy’s growing hair back.
  • Every night after singing Rick and Michonne comfort Carl after they catch him crying on the couch.
  • Carl is totally more emotionally unstable after 7x16 I mean coME ONNN YOU CANT EVER BE OKAY AFTER EVERYTHING THAT BOY HAS BEEN THROUGH

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Daryl catching Jesus playing with Judith (though Daryl still calls her little ass kicker) like Jesus trying to teach her how to do somersaults and rolls and stuff

This was when Daryl knew he was in love. 

When he walked in  Rick’s house, looking for Paul who had offered to babysit. He was back from his run with Rick, and wanted to go home, and shower, and lay in bed for a few hours without thinking of anything important. 

He stopped in his tracks though, when he saw what was going on in the house. Judith and Paul were on the floor of the living room, Daryl half hid from the pillar as he leaned forward against it, watching them, able to see only their profiles. 

“Come on baby girl,” Paul said, in a voice that so incredibly gentle and soft, that Daryl felt himself melt a little inside. 

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Pregnancy (Daryl Dixon x Reader) Part 2

Fandom: The Walking Dead 

After your fight with Daryl, the redneck starts to take his role seriously and decides to deal with his love for you. 

Fluff, fluff and FLUFF <3

Part 1 


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Months had passed since you found out that you were pregnant and since your argument with Daryl and not even once did he scream or made you feel sad. The man was by your side at every single minute of your life and you weren’t complaining. His love for you and your baby was unthinkable and powerful. Daryl also became extremely protective over you. He would have locked you in your cell or into the prison if he could have but you always complained that you needed to see the sun and feel free. You two were perfectly fine and your love became stronger (if it was possible) with the thrilling event of becoming parents.

You were currently sitting at the cafeteria’s table with Beth and Judith, the day was warm and humid but you couldn’t help but feel happy as you watched the young girl and the baby girl laugh and play together. Your back was killing you, your feet were puffy and you couldn’t control your emotions anymore but you’ve never been that happy in your entire life.

“(Y/N), you okay?” Beth’s soft voice asked suddenly, making you look up into her eyes and smile.

“I’m fantastic, Bethy. I was just wondering how I could have been so lucky to be in the situation I am in right now.” You answered with a small chuckle as you bent down to pinch Judith’s cheek. The small toddler laughed happily and grabbed your finger into her small hand. You smiled and leant back into your chair, your back killing you only with the smallest move.

Beth started to sing softly and you kept watching the two girls with teary eyes. Yeah, hormones were kicking in once again. You chuckled to yourself but suddenly, the loud sound of the cell block’s gates opening made you jump. Your eyes snapped to the side and Judith started to cry a little. Beth rocked her in her arms but she kept crying until she saw who was now standing at the cafeteria’s entrance.

“Well, lil’ Asskicker. Don’t cha cry…” You smiled as you heard the deep and husky voice of Daryl. The man of your dreams made his way down the stairs and towards Judith, giving you one of his small smile as he stopped next to you and took Judith into his strong arms.

You watched while he was rocking the baby girl softly, cooing and looking at her as if she was the most precious treasure on earth. Your stomach did a quick flip as you watched the scene before you. You could feel your heart swell with love for the redneck. Judith laughed and placed her little hands over Daryl’s cheeks, looking straight into his baby-blue eyes. Beth smiled at you and your eyes started to water once again. You loved Daryl so much it was even hurting you.

After a few minutes, Judith fell asleep and Daryl gave her back to Beth before making his way towards you. You got up with difficulties and Daryl quickly wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your forehead. You sighed in content and rested your face against his chest.

“How was the run?” You asked just above a whisper, happy to be in his arms. Your hands played with the hair on the back of his neck and he hummed in appreciation.

“It went all right. Rick is with Carl, takin’ care of what we found.” He answered in his accented voice. You looked back up at him and smiled, getting lost in his beautiful eyes. Daryl slowly bent down to bring his lips down on yours. The kiss was soft and gentle, full of love and passion. He caressed your cheek with his thumb as he pulled away, his forehead still touching yours.

“I missed ya.” He whispered, making you bite your lower lip.

“I missed you too, Darebear.” You chuckled as he groaned at the nickname. Your back started to ache as you were standing for too long. Daryl noticed your discomfort and smirked mischievously at you before he decided to grab you into his arms and carry you bridal style towards your shared cell. You squealed and wrapped your arms around his neck but you knew that Daryl would never drop you.

Daryl chuckled at you as he walked up the stairs that lead to your cell while you were leaving soft kisses up his neck. You smirked as you saw him blush lightly and enter the cell, he laid you down carefully on the bunk and you grabbed his hand to make him lay down with you. Daryl quickly obliged and cradled your body into his arms. You buried your face into his chest and sighed in contentment as you let his warmth soothe you. You started to drift off to sleep as Daryl ran his hands up and down your back and kissed your head lovingly.

You woke up a few hours later, the sun was already setting, its orange light illuminating your cell. You sighed and blinked several times to adjust to the light and looked down at your stomach to see Daryl with his face inches away from your belly and his hands stroking your exposed skin. You smiled and reached your hand down to run your fingers through his hair, making him look up at him.

“What are you doing?” You asked him in a sleepy voice. Daryl smiled up at you and sat up next to you, his right hand still stroking your belly.

“Our lil’ bean was kicking. I soothe him up.” He said just above a whisper. Daryl’s voice was always soothing you or your baby. You grinned and chuckled before answering him.

“Him? What makes you think that our baby is a ‘he’?” Daryl smirked back down at you and shrugged his shoulders.

“I just know…” He answered before bending down to capture your lips in a passionate kiss. You kissed him back instantly, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“So we’ll name him Daryl Junior.” You said, teasing him. Daryl groaned and shook his head.

“No way… We’ll never name our baby Daryl Junior.” He answered, staring at you.

“Why not?” You said, trying to sound offended but it was hard to cover up your amusement.

“Just because I said so, woman.” Daryl answered, clearly joking as he nuzzled your neck and left sweet kisses up your jaw. You loved how Daryl became so comfortable around you. He never once contained his love for you since your fight, he couldn’t hide it anymore and he even seemed happy about it.

“Sure, let’s pretend that you’re the one in charge.” You joked, hearing Daryl chuckle against your neck.

“You’re something else, (Y/N) …” Daryl said as he suddenly got up. You frowned and sat up on the bed, raising your eyebrows to quietly ask him what he was doing. Daryl smiled again and extended his hand for you to take.

“Come with me…” He said, making you smile back and take his hand.

Daryl helped you up and kept his arm around your waist to keep you close, as if to keep you out of danger. You slowly made your way down the stairs and out of the prison.

“Where are we going?” You asked him curiously.

“Just on a walk together.” Daryl said as he walked you toward the field where Rick had built his small farm. You loved how the prison finally looked like a real home and how your family had organized everything to make it look like a real sanctuary. Daryl kept walking in silence, his hands quickly becoming sweaty as you neared the centre of the field, you could hear his quick breathing and his fast heartbeat and you wondered what was going on. You looked up him then at the watchtower to see Glenn and Maggie looking down at the both of you. You waved at them and Glenn gave you a thumb up, making you frown. Why a thumb up? You chuckled and turned your head to see Rick, Michonne and Carl sat at a table near the barbecue. You smiled at them then looked back up at Daryl who stopped suddenly as you had reached the middle of the field.

“Dare, you okay?” You asked, concerned as you saw the fear and apprehension on his features. Daryl nodded then started to pace next to you.

“I…” He tried once as he stopped pacing and turned around to face you. He stared at you, into your eyes and your soul. You stared back at him, your heart beating fast against your chest.

“This isn’t a simple walk, is it?” You asked with apprehension. Daryl shook his head ‘no’ and took a step towards you to hold your hands into his calloused ones. The man took one last short breath in before he finally decided to look up at you. His eyes held so much love that you almost started to cry.  

“(Y/N), I know I should have done this sooner.” Daryl started in a shaky voice. “But I was too scared… I guess.” You looked at him and waited for him to keep talking.

“Ya know that I love ya. Ya and our baby are my word, my everything. I can’t imagine a life without ya now and… I don’t want to hide my love any longer.” Daryl gulped and cleared his throat before searching the pockets of his vest. He took his hand out of the right pocket to reveal a small diamond ring and you gasped. “I want ya to be mine, forever. I want ya to be a Dixon, I want ya to be my family so, (Y/N) …” Daryl kneeled before you and, at this point, tears were rolling down your cheeks as you stared at the man before you.

“Will ya marry me?” Daryl breathed out, looking expectantly at you. You sobbed quietly but you nodded your head repeatedly, trying to find the strength to speak up.

“Of course I’ll marry you, Daryl! Yes!” You squeaked out and covered your month with the palm of your hands. Daryl beamed at you and got up quickly to engulf you into his arms, squeezing you and spinning you around. You laughed and everyone cheered around you. Daryl set you back down on the ground and cup your face in his hands before kissing you passionately, taking your breath away as he put all his love in the kiss. You two broke away to breathe and Daryl slipped the small ring onto your finger. You smiled down at the ring, a small giggle erupting from your lips and you wrapped your arms around Daryl’s neck once again.

“I love you so much, mister Dixon.” You whispered into his ear. Daryl squeezed you tighter against his chest and sighed happily.

“And I love ya more, misses Dixon.” He answered in the same kind of intimate whisper, making your heart swell with happiness. “I’ll never let anything hurt ya or our baby, I promise. I won’t fail ya.” Daryl promised and you knew that he was telling the truth.

You were safe with Daryl, forever and ever.  


Sorry for the time it took me! I’m really sorry and I’ll try to find more time after the exams and the blocus period. I promise. 

XXX Lisy 

Trick or Treat

Daryl Dixon Imagine

You’re asking Daryl to bring some candy with him for Halloween since Glenn plans to go trick or treating with Maggie and their son. 

word count: 1542

approximated reading time: 8 minutes

“Daryl!”, I yelled as I heard Daryl walking down the stairs. I tried to get up looking like a beetle on her back, not exactly graceful or sexy, but it did the job and what would you expect!? That belly was stopping me from almost everything.
“What!?” Daryl peaked around the corner. “Ya don’t have to get up, ya know?!” He said with his eyebrows raised as he watched me struggling.
“Yeah!? Well, you know…”, I said panting as I fought the couch that was definitely trying to swallow me whole. “Maybe I wanna kiss my husband goodbye!?”
“Really?” Daryl grinned. “Where is he!?”
“Oh you!” With my last ounce of strength I pushed myself to my feet. “Don’t forget to bring chocolate or whatever candy you can find.”
“Why?!” Daryl looked me up and down as I waddled over to him.
“It’s Halloween”, I sighed sinking into his open arms. Welcomed by a soft kiss on my hair I forgot about my hurting back and swollen feet for a second. I was sure this was all going to be worth it, but damn, being pregnant was so exhausting.
“Ya think anyone’s gonna come trick or treatin’!? Judy’s out with Carl, Rick and Michonne, she ain’t gonna go trick or treatin’ this year…”
“I know… Jesus invited them over to Hilltop, right!?”
Daryl nodded. “They ain’t gonna be back too soon.”
“I know, but…”
“But what!?” I couldn’t see his face but I knew he had his eyebrows raised so high he should have been afraid of them becoming one with his hairline. I chuckled slightly.

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