In response to the misogynistic and hyper-sexual memes about the different types of (mostly) black girlfriends circulating on facebook, we’ve decided to kick off our blog with response memes. Black women are often given back-handed compliments that perpetuate stereotypes. So we’ve decided to turn the tables and make memes based on real life observations of men in pop culture. There will be many more to come so stay tuned! 

Black lives matter unless if you’re trans apparently.

More people in the black community will argue about a straight man’s right to choose a sexual partner, yet the same people can’t have the balls call someone out for saying they’d murder someone whose trans.

After you open up about straight up murdering someone if it happened to you, it ain’t about your insecure ego or how comfortable you need to be.

Yes disclosure is important, even if you feel like you have to or not, but there’s sick people out there that think murder is justifiable and WILL perpetrate it in their community in the name of “comedy”, “pride”, and being “woke”.


My addition to #TransFolksAareNotJokes.

Comedian Little Duval says he would kill a transgendered woman if they revealed they were trans after sleeping with him

This asshole says he would kill trans women if we “slept with him without explaining we’re trans”, what kind of sick mother fucker would say that shit. This is why for the longest time I’ve refused to date men and this shit only re-enforces it. 

What the fuck? Who the fuck would like to sleep with his ugly fucking ass anyways, he’s the ugliest mother fucker I’ve ever seen. Sorry for the expletive laden post, but this shit really pissed me off. Like we don’t have enough shit to deal with. These kind of men should be all gathered together and left to starve on some island somewhere where I’m sure with no women (trans or cis) will probably end up fucking each other anyways.