lil's art


can u believe im posting shit art again its been 800 years

anyway my good buddy daniela tried to convince me that i could pallette swap a junkrat into a joker and like a fool i didnt believe her 

This is the end product of the stream! ^^

Shoutout to @ccbg for sticking till the end! ^^

It’s your Bailey Fan child complete! (The dress is of the dark yellow-orange bendy has in some pictures, and I just added black and white stripes!)

Hope you like it!


D'awww she is so adorable! (Love to play with her mom’s stuffed animals, what a sweetheart!) She’s so coot! Thanks buddy!

before Yuuri moved to St Peters, this sorta thing probably happened a lot (it turned into a game of who calls first) 

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“no the dogs made it”


this whole scene and everything with magnus’ death hit me real hard just,, having a happy ending like this healed my soul. i’m so happy for them. everything ended up good, and that means a lot.