My coworker challenged me to draw a quote “bad-ass and manly” pony in under 30mins. So after thinking for a couple minutes and realised I didn’t know how to draw snowflake from memory so I drew Lil'pip from FoE in 15mins. He thought it was awesome, perhaps even a future brony. Also drawing in pen is a pain, especially since I have a naturally messy sketch style.

Bulma taught me not to take shit from anyone, even if they’re a former villain with the power to punch a hole through the sun.

Sailor Moon taught me that a spaz can sometimes get shit done too.

Princess Bubblegum taught me that George Takei is sometimes really, really disturbing.

Ash taught me to never give up, even if my rival turned into a wuss and I’ll never have a good season again.

Impmon and Leomon taught me that Digimon was capable of an emotionally driven story.

The Mario Brothers taught me that some turtles can fly.

Harry Dresden taught me to laugh and make light of everything, even if a vampire is pointing an absurdly large gun at my forehead.

Piccolo taught me about draconic erectile dysfunction.

Donnie Darko taught me how to either travel in time or lose my mind. One of the two.

Captain Jack Harkness taught me to flirt with everything.

Cortana taught me how to be sad.

The Riddler taught me how to be a complete jackass while committing crimes.

Harold taught me not to stand in one place for too long when there’s a tree growing out of my head.

Barney Fife taught me how to shoot myself in the foot with the only bullet that I’m allowed to have.

Aunt Bee taught me how to make kerosene.

Lil'Pip taught me to blaspheme with colorful language and comparisons.

Spike Spiegel taught me how to look cool while smoking. And die.

Fluttershy taught me to have a crippling fear of everything.

The entire cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” taught me to be a terrible person in general.

Princess Leia taught me that drugs are cool.

Pewee Herman taught me that drugs are bad.

So many lessons left to learn…

aaaaaaaaaaaaa this is doooneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

My other favourite moment from FO:E, it probably makes little sense without context - but if you know where it’s from… yeah, you know what I’m on about.

man there are still things I wanna improve in this but I need to stop now and get around to other thingsss, fuck painting.