A favorite documentary of mine 

Damnit Tadd why do you do those things....

You know? Like being shirtless?? Quit tempting me man
Very nice choreo though, they kept up with each other pretty well though.

And what else was I gonna say? Damnit quit being tempted by his torso good lord ;P

Energy was nice, but i know hes gonna have more in store for us for the rest of the evening.

And damnit Katie plz dont be a Paula on this show.

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Life Changing. Tears are flowing


Since I brought him up earlier…here’s Christopher “Lil’ C” Toler. <–yep, I went there.

While everyone else was looking at him like he was crazy, I was falling head over heels in love <3 lmao I mean, you might think that he was just throwing words out there, but they all made sense with each other (until he said “with inside” but I’m pretty sure he just messed up & couldn’t decide if he wanted to say within or inside lol). I’m mad I couldn’t find when he said mellifluous, but whatever.

I remember when I started watching SYTYCD Lil’ C wasn’t always on there & when he was I never really paid attention. When I finally did, he became extremely attractive to me. He’s just…ugh…I just can’t with him. I don’t even know how to describe it. Oh, and I really can’t wait until next season. :)