Check out my latest listings on Mister Dollface. I’ve listed several hard-to-find pink box exclusives Steffie Barbies, from Richwell, Estrela and a European exclusive. I also have several Integrity Toys dolls, including That Holiday Feeling Poppy Parker, and two from the Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y. that just didn’t fit into my collection, and two ITBE exclusives from the Love is in the Air collection. Finally, I have also posted four Azone dolls–Aoto (Mad Hatter), Lil’ Fairy Erunoe (1:12 scale), Sweets a la Mode Marron Parfait Alisa, and Kirino Kousaka.

Listings are free–at this point–and there’s lots of other great doll-related stuff for sale. 


here are some quick dumb sketches of my first oc cam'ron foster. he’s 2d’s boyfriend and hes cool as hell

The signs as (stereotypical) pastimes

Aries: getting into physical fights and going on adventures
Taurus: eating the whole fridge
Gemini: talking talking talking
Cancer: crying
Leo: looking in the mirror
Virgo: cleaning evErything
Libra: making friends and flying bc they’re angels
Scorpio: Murder or masturbating
Sagittarius: being reAlly random LOL!! XD !
Capricorn: Idk y'all don’t do much
Aquarius: swimming .. :)
Pisces: being a naïve lil fairy