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August 18th: favourite setting (the londons, the archive, the moors, etc.)

Truth be told, Victor didn’t care for graveyards, either. He didn’t like dead people, mostly because he had no effect on them. Sydney, conversely, didn’t like dead people because she had such a marked effect on them.
― Victoria Schwab, Vicious

Their S/O’s Pet Not Liking Them


Hello, i am wondering if you could please do bts reaction to their mate getting a pet and the pet doesn’t like them (bts). Thank you have a nice day/night.

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Jin/Seokjin: Buys tons of treats and feeds it table scraps to win it over.

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Suga/Yoongi: Gives it treats and toys, when that doesn’t work he growls at the animal when it gets near you “How does it feel huh?” Secretly cries though because he wanted a cuddle buddy for whenever you weren’t around.

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Jhope/Hoseok: Sticks tongue out at pet and snuggles closer to you, but also uses you as a shield because it’s still “small and vicious” Honestly, lil sunshine is sad he isn’t loved back </3

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: Reads up on how to make pets like you, but pulls out the Alpha male aura when that doesn’t work.

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Jimin: Tons of whining and trying to slowly creep up and love on the animal. Tries to make it like him in both human and wolf form. Exposes his tum, licks them when in wolf form, submits to them really. This backfires and your pet rules your boyfriend. “Yahhh, they don’t rule me! *pet makes a noise* Awhhhh, you’re so coot lil baby I love you so much~ *looks back at you* Hehehe… maybe a little?”

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V/Taehyung: Thinks he can become friends with them in wolf form. Whines and gentle paws at them with his ear all pointed and perky. Would be the one to pout and curl up to you whenever it doesn’t work.

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Jungkook: Insists you don’t need a pet when he can satisfy all of your needs (also winks or licks his lips every time he says “satisfy your needs”)

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Levi’s probably the least conscientious sleeping partner ever. Despite his size he takes up most of the bed. On their first night together, Erwin finds himself with half his body hanging off the side. Levi’s splayed across the bed like a starfish (he’s a tummy-sleeper, of course), and despite all of that he still kicks Erwin in the knee, mumbling Move over, you fucking giant. 

jaytim ghost au where jason dies and haunts tim. at first jasons bitter because from jasons pov tim is essentially taking his life + jason cant directly interact w/ anyone but tim but has to watch as tim interacts w bruce, alfred, babs, dick, etc but as he gets to know tim he grows progressively more fond of this vicious lil nerdlord (as he does). sits w/ him in class n whispers the right answers 2 tim when the teacher calls on him cause he was sleeping after late night patrol and jason was the only one listening, pokes n prods him abt how cool and out of his league steph is, sticks w/ him when jack dies and tells him stories abt catherine.. how 2 fall in love w a ghost boy 101 by tim drake

My warm take is that I agree with some points in that article (I’ve been saying for ages that Sasha constantly Says she different and revolutionary without explaining how or showing it) but it was also a lil vicious. Gag at her including Peppermint clocking her though

i don’t get why parents are against cosplay like u shouldn’t be worried about ur child dressing up like a fictional character u should be worried about squirrels bc they are vicious lil shits