lil' optimus


aaahhh I nearly forgot this other stuff I scanned!! this is all from this morning.

I’m weirdly taken with the idea of Blitzwing’s faces emoting “out of character” - stuff like Hothead being happy or calm, Random being surprised, Icy being goofy, that sort of thing. though I’m sure that such an occurrence would be SUPER WEIRD for everyone involved…

also! humanizations of the few bots whose designs/general shapes I remember??? because why not~ (bumblebee’s got hella cowlicks)

TFA Upgrades AU

AU where Autobots naturally upgrade to become stronger, whereas warbuilds come online strong and top of their game.

Like say, when an Autobot first comes online, they are little more than soft protoform. In those first few seconds of sentience, they receive their first upgrades that allows them to perceive the world. Most importantly they gain armor– something that will protect their softer bodies; something they NEED to function.

After a while, when their processors have developed a bit more and they have actual personalities, they receive their second upgrade: a special skill. It comes almost seemingly at random, yet the bots say it feels just right. It is something UNIQUE to them, and everyone around them, and comes without prompting.

Finally– and few know this– Autobots can receive additional upgrades depending on WANTS and DESIRES. The number of these upgrades are technically limitless, but to gain them one must reach a meditative state, as well as have a frame/processor developed enough to make room for more functions. You must be in-tune with your frame and spark, ready to receive…

So imagine if Prowl and Optimus get to talking about this (cuz you KNOW Prowl would know about this sort of thing) and Optimus decides to give it a few shots at the base. Bumblebee and Bulkhead prove to be too distracting, so he never quite gets into his meditation. Fast forward to about a week later, Optimus is captured by the cons and is locked up in a cell. When Blitzwing finally leaves, he’s all alone… and he decides to give mediation another shot.

He pictures himself as strong as a warbuild, to be taken seriously and protect everyone he cares about; he visualizes himself flying, taking Sari for a flight and able to dodge even Megatron’s claws. How fun it would be– how HELPFUL he would be. Suddenly he is overcome by a bright light emanating from his spark chamber…

He feels… different. A good different. When he is able to reorient his senses, Lugnut is yelling at him, demanding answers. The con also left the door wide open in his haste to interrogate. Emitting what might have been a growl of irritation, Optimus decides to take his chances and test out this new feeling, bolting for the door. Lugnut of course attempts to stop him, but Optimus is able to push the con’s huge arm back and shove past him.

Breaking free, he encounters a stunned Blitzwing, who witnessed his newfound strength. Optimus does growl now.

“Out of my way!” That shakes Blitzwing out of his shocked state.

“Not a chance, little Autobot.” -whrr- “Why don’t you go back into your cell and play a game of ‘sit don’t speak’? Ehueheuhueh~”

“I don’t think so.”

“You want to go outside? Why, Rapunzel…” -whrr- “YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME!? I WILL *CRUSH* YOU, PUNY BOT!!” By this point Lugnut has shaken his surprise as well and is gearing up to charge into the fray. Optimus is able to battle them both– they are in a cave, so the cons have little advantage in their altmodes. He knocks Lugnut back with a fist to the faceplates and wrestles Blitzwing to the ground after kicking his pedes out from under him. Before they can regroup Optimus is sprinting towards the only light he can see, assuming it’s an exit.

It is an exit, however it’s thousands of feet in the air– they are on a fraggin cliff face by the sea! Optimus backs up from the edge. Okay, hand-to-hand combat is one thing, but this? Even if he did get the upgrade, it practically goes against nature! He’s a grounder, accustomed to something solid beneath him, this… this is just too much…

“Ooohoohoo, nowhere to run little Autobot ~!”

“Get back in your cell and our glorious leader, Lord Megatron–” Okay, Optimus really doesn’t need to hear anything else.

He can’t hesitate anymore. It’s now or never. Optimus takes a leap of faith; Blitzwing and Lugnut gasp.

The plunge is terrifying.

Optimus closes his optics and digs deep, trying to calm himself, trying to activate whatever new software is required to make this work. Finally, he feels his plating shift. Small propulsion units appear on his back, on his pedes, and servos. By instinct his face mask closes… and he is suddenly weightless.

He is clumsy still, but is able to maneuver himself in the direction of home. The cons are probably too shocked to follow. Optimus grins to himself– this is amazing! This is wild! This is– really, really really high up, holy Primus! Just has he takes a gulp his blue optics meet wide red ones.

It’s Megatron. Come back from… well whatever it was he does when he’s out. Optimus never really found out. In his shock he falters for a moment before panic takes him and he wills his frame to go faster, faster, he’s GOT to get out of there!!

When he finally reaches the mainland outside the city he touches down and exvents heavily from exhaustion. He’s never seen Megatron look like that in any of their encounters, or in the holovids he’s watched. It would seem he’s baited a beast. Oh, he is in SO much scrap the next time they battle…