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  • me: boy I need some good quick fast income
  • craigslist: :D
  • craigslist: Wanted a woman who is not licensed but who can give an awesome massage. You come to me and no table is needed.
  • craigslist: need to find a "handy" girl, for a quick meetup, white male, 30's please send a quick picture, and what you'd need!
  • craigslist: I am in search of a fantasy assistant
  • craigslist: Sexy Maid needed for Single Family House
  • me: I was
  • me: I was thinking like lawn mowing
  • craigslist: think you have good feet???? seeking foot models NO NUDITY NO FUNNY BUSINESS send a picture of your feet and I'll tell you if you have what it takes :)
  • me: okay you're fishing for free foot pics but also I kinda feel bad about myself because I've seen my feet and frankly I don't have what it takes

i just had the most fun in overwatch omg you wont believe

i been playing lucio and i was in a few games with these guys who were like level 600 and they sent me nice messages and i joined their group 

and we played a few games 

and then we made a bigger group until it was all six of us

and we kept playing and they sent me nice messages and i sent them nice messages. and they both had the dance emotes for like all the characters they played and theyd do the fuckin dances and everyone thanked each other a lot for every little thing we did during the matches

it was the best two hours of overwatch i’ve ever played i didn’t even notice the time go by

oh and those two added me as friends on xbox live :^)

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Just listing my current threads and who replied last….

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Double Dates - thing I’ve been planning with @runictrolls since fucking valentines I’m so sorry I promise I didn’t forget omg, maybe we can find some time soon, I hope….. Or at least talk out what happened..

Seem like I don’t have awfully many rp-threads on tumblr rn that aside so uh… I might post a starter when I get home? Hmu if you want to see any specific trolls used… Also a good time to request threads if you have any ideas…

I’m also open to move threads to pesterchum or even discord, but I’d rather not start any new threads on discord since I’m easily overwhelmed! (Silly pesterchum stuff I’m always open for though when I got time and muse.)

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Soft brush rowl looking at stars? :'>