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Gift of Love

Title: Gift of Love

Summary: After Greg asks about the relationship between you and Sherlock one day, an idea to mess with the entire New Scotland Yard comes to Sherlock’s mind.
Author: Maddy @laterthantherabbit
Words: 2210
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x platonic!reader, lil bit o’ Greg x reader
Warnings: None I think

Request:  Can you do a request where Sherlock and Y/N are best friends, where she gets to see a side of him where he laughs until he cries and he shows his emotions to her sometimes, but they’re only best friends. She loves to pull pranks on people constantly, especially cruel pranks on Sally and Anderson for everything they say to Sherlock, but she does play pranks on everyone, and sometimes Sherlock even joins in. And one day, maybe because of something Sally or Anderson said to Sherlock about dating or whatever or because of something else or whatever, Sherlock and Y/N decide to make everyone think they’re dating, and she gets overly dramatic at crime scenes to annoy people there which she finds hilarious and Sherlock not only allows it he finds it funny as well, and he even goes out of his way to show her affection to make it look convincing, and Scotland Yard and Sherlock’s fans go into a craze about this and even Molly gets really jealous??? And it’s just super sweet and funny??? And can you add in prompts “THERE’S SO MUCH BLOOD” and “Huh. And I thought /I/ was dramatic.” (Srry can’t remember the prompt numbers!) thanks!!!! Also, could Maddy write this?? If not that’s okay
- @anonymous-requests

Author’s Notes: So this is one of the requests I had in progress. I kinda used this as a warmup piece to get back into the feel of writing. It was super fun to do and I really enjoyed writing it. Thanks so much to the anon who sent it! I couldn’t figure out how to get Molly’s jealousy to fit so i instead focused on other women at the Yard instead. Hope that suits!
Also, not sure if it would confuse anyone but glad-wrap here is what we call cling-film or cling wrap so glad-wrapping something is covering it in whole lot of cling wrap. And again, Sherlock may be a bit OOC. I should really watch it again. Also, dialogue heavy so there’s that.


Prompts: 11. “THERE’S SO MUCH BLOOD.”
19. “Huh. And I thought I was dramatic.”


“THERE’S SO MUCH BLOOD!” You heard Donovan’s scream as you entered the homicide division of The Yard, keeping your face as straight as you could when you saw how perfectly your prank had been executed. Sally stood over her desk, the top drawer open where you had placed a bag of ‘blood’ which has burst once she opened the drawer. The ‘blood’ had splashed and stained her blouse and had begun to drip onto the floor where it was caught by a well placed piece of tarp. Sherlock came in behind you and leaned down to whisper in your ear as Sally began to order the new officer in her division to help clean the red goo, the beginnings of a not-so-rare smile appearing on his face.

“Just what did they done this time Y/N?”

“Oh nothing much, they were just getting a bit too comfortable is all.” He chuckled low in his throat as he walked past the mess towards Lestrade’s office for his newest case, Sally glaring at his back as he went. You began to follow when she forced herself in front of you, causing you to stop and step in the blood that had dripped onto the floor.

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before Yuuri moved to St Peters, this sorta thing probably happened a lot (it turned into a game of who calls first) 

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Intra-racial post ahead.

Do not interact if non-Black. No likes or reblogs.

Twitter is pissing me off. Amanda Seales opened Pandora’s box by saying if you’re buying Jordan’s but don’t have a passport, you’re losing.

Now, people are always trying to lecture Black folks about how they spend their money but this fake deep, out of touch bull is annoying. Comfortably middle class and upper class Black folks get so damn irritating and out of touch with the realities of classism and start pushing that “bootstraps” ass rhetoric to poorer Black folks and start sounding like white people under the guise that they’re trying to “help” or better our communities and that’s GARBAGE. If you’re so interested, use your disposable income or wealth and take DIRECT steps to interrupt the cycles that keep our skinfolk in poverty. Give your money away!! Build properties!!! Directly fund communities instead of getting on Twitter tryna flex and being obnoxious. Just say you’re in Paris and not like the poor negros and go, sis.

Not buying shoes isn’t gonna let people afford to spend thousands on international travel.

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