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Double the Baths?: Cutting Bathbombs

As one of LUSH’s most eponymous items, bath bombs hold a special place in the hearts of all lushies. At anywhere from $5-12 a pop, however, they quickly become an expensive (albeit, justifiably so) habit. 

As a lushie with a small, dysfunctional apartment bathtub, and a tiny LUSH fund, I quickly figured out that using a full bath bomb at a time was simply not economical. And so, through trial and error, I figured out which bathbombs made pretty cuts, and which ones were better left alone!

The general rule of thumb: Spherical bathbombs without cores can easily be cut into two pieces. Spherical bathbombs with cores are a messy hit-or-miss. Non-traditionally shaped bathbombs are divided into two groups; ones meant to be broken open (like Love Locket), and ones that are meant to be left alone entirely. 

Below is a list of bath bombs, the cutting categories they fall into, and the best method for cutting them. 

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