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oh my gosh do one where the reader and Tom get a dog together!!!

Getting a dog with Tom would Include

  • it not happening intentionally 
  • like you guys would have just moved in together and it was nowhere on the agenda for you guys to get a dog together just yet
  • one day you’d be out running errands and you’d get a text from Tom
  • ‘‘babe I just found the cutest puppy ever on the side of the road i’m at the vet now,can I bring him home just for tonight’‘ 
  • you’d be a bit worried because you knew that you’d both get attached to this puppy very easily but you’d text him back ‘’I guess but we can’t keep him’’
  • He’d be home before you and you’d walk in and he’d be sitting on the floor with his back to you and as soon as he turned around you’d see the little bundle of joy in his arms and you’d melt
  • you’d literally drop all your stuff and get down on your knees to say hi to your boyfriend and the cute little black puppy he was holding
  • you’d immediately start cooing at the puppy who’d be trying to get out of Toms arms and into yours
  • it would literally be love at first sight !!!! 
  • ‘‘I thought I’d wait till you get home to name him’‘ 
  • omg you guys would sit on the floor with the puppy for hours trying to name him and then you’d realize that having a dog was a big responsibility and commitment 
  • but Tom would try convince you that you guys needed to keep him and that when he was away doing press stuff you’d have someone to keep you company 
  • And you’d agree when you looked at the two of them giving you puppy dog eyes
  • and you’d probably name him something simple like Frankie
  • wow Tom would be so good with him like he’d want to take him for walks all the time
  • and he’d clean up after him without complaint 
  • and he’d post the cutest picture with ‘’his lil frankie boy’’
  • Literally Tom would be the biggest softie around your dog
  • im crying