lil' fatties

Ok but why isn’t there a lot more feedism pet play stuff? Fattening up your lil pet with fatty treats. Collars digging into chubby necks, bellies getting closer and closer to the floor…

Eventually it getting hard to take your precious lil pet out for walks bc of all the blubber in the way. uwu

Gimme a shorty
That’s a little bit naughty
That’ll look good when she’s forty
And not too haughty

Gimme a girl
That’ll rearrange my world
That’s as precious as a pearl
And will make my heart twirl

Gimme a baddie
That has a lil fattie
Who I’ll fall in love with madly
And give her my heart gladly

I’ll be her man
That’ll support her every plan
I’ll be her biggest fan
“I love yous” sent as much as I can