lil' fatties

Im so mad at my cat lmao hes a lil fatty because he bullies all of my other cats and he tries to try to eat stuff that isnt food in protest of him being on a diet…. like I looked away for a second and I heard “crumch” and this idiot was CRUNCHING ONE OF MY EARBUDS….HOW IS THAT TASTY OMG ..

spanish is wild like here to convey closeness u might call a friend “jessie” like if her name is jessica or smth but in hispanic families you barely ever hear your name. it’s always like “mija”(my daughter, regardless of its ur mom or not saying it), “greñuda”(means hairy as in the head hair), “gorda/gordita”(literally ‘fatty’ omfg) and like it isnt ever?? insulting or weird? like if u called someone Frizzy Girl or Lil Fatty in english they’d punch u in the face but for hispanics within family it’s fine.

my mom said back in mx half her classmates would be addressed by some wild nickname like The Stain or smth and it was normal

Ok but why isn’t there a lot more feedism pet play stuff? Fattening up your lil pet with fatty treats. Collars digging into chubby necks, bellies getting closer and closer to the floor…

Eventually it getting hard to take your precious lil pet out for walks bc of all the blubber in the way. uwu