lil' epic castle moments

LECM: "Double Down" #1

C: “Are you ok?”

B: “Yeah. It’s just this one reminds me of my mom’s case. What Frank Anderson’s family must be going through, especially Christina. Mourning her dad’s death, thinking it was random, and finding out that it wasn’t. I guess you can say what does it matters. The person that you love is dead, but knowing why matters.”

This, my friends, is the REASON I started this blog. This moment right here. And this EPIC moment is my favorite moment of the entire series. Even with all the kisses, and hugs, and moments of hand-holding and eye-sex. Hands down, this is THE absolute moment for me. 

How significant is this moment? Extremely. Think about it and its context. This is the second case our heroes go through after Beckett welcomes Castle back into the team. Before this, Castle didn’t listen to her when she told him not to look into her mother’s case and he was quickly exiled. After a summer of ignored calls and cold shoulders, Beckett finally forgave him. But imagine how much of a sore subject her mother was after this debacle. You know Esposito, Ryan, Lanie, Montgomery, and Castle were walking on eggshells when it came to this fresh wound. We know Kate does not share anything. Especially her mother. Especially (at this point) to Castle.  She keeps everything close to her chest. And we excepted her to be more guarded, more careful with her heart.

And here she is, WILLING to share her musings about a case and how it’s related to her mother’s. And she’s sharing these musings with Rick. Please, contemplate on the gravity of this one moment. 

And the look Rick gives is priceless, because he’s thinking the same exact thing. ‘Kate isn’t supposed to share this with me because I hurt her. Her mother is a topic that is off-limits. And yet, she’s telling me this. This is important. I’m not allowed to screw this up anymore.’ He is caught off-guard and rendered speechless. 

And I don’t usually comment on their acting skills when it comes to LECM, but can we give it up to Nathan and Stana for this moment? I love the subtlety Stana gives here. She has that little pause before she shared her musings. Like she’s hesitant, not willing to bare this part of her just yet. And she refuses eye-contact for the longest time. As for Nathan, he’s my favorite in this scene. Actually there are a lot of scenes peppered throughout the series where his reaction is what makes the scene perfect. He never says anything, but the look in his eyes and the small change in his face are flawless. As Natalie Rhodes has said before, the hardest thing for an actor to do is being still and being quiet. I think that line was inspired by Nathan’s ability to do just that. Because his silence speaks volumes. 

I can keep writing and analyzing this perfect scene to death, but I won’t. But every time you do a re-watch of the series (and I know you all do, because I’m guilty of it as well), check this scene out again. It’ll get you every single time.