lil' brudder


Here comes Lil’ Brudder.

  • Cuteosfestive: Think about homestar runner's dick
  • Taxiderby: i do
  • Taxiderby: constantly
  • ikksmas: it's just a smaller homestar runner
  • Cuteosfestive: It's another leg
  • Taxiderby: it's the homestar puppet
  • CaptainHairy: It's Strong Sad
  • Cuteosfestive: It's lil brudder
  • Taxiderby: does that mean he starts sobbing every time he's reminded of it
  • Dogfriend: yes
  • Taxiderby: just looks down at it, crying
  • Taxiderby: yOU CAN MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN
  • Cuteosfestive: Today is a great day for cyberpunk entertainment, as we finally get to the bottom of the mystery of home stars dick
  • Taxiderby: let's just not forget that when homestar is nude his entire torso is censored
  • Cuteosfestive: Fucked up...
  • CaptainHairy: Homestar's torso is a wall of dicks.
  • CaptainHairy: Confirmed.