lil' bby


dacey bby got leveled upppp tho (click for full quality ok


Violet: Cecil, would you please take care of my little cousin while I’m in half prison?

Cecil: Uhh well I would LOVE to but you see I’m busy with work and uh-

Carlos: Awwww! A baby dragon! 

Hatchling: (Burps fire)

Carlos: Look! He likes me~


pnknerd asked:

fetus lil nerd bby wanting to impress you with his guitar skills &learns your favourite song him wanting to be a kewlkid for you so he makes sure his fringe is on point every day (he blushes when you compliment him) him forgetting everything he learned from his kewlkid 101 classes with senior ashton &stuttering while he asks you out, his fringe getting in his mouth &all of the carefully thought out references to your favourite song coming out wrong lil nerd bby mikey squealing when you say yes

im giggling oh fff my tiny cupcake :’)))))


So turns out playing Mass Effect = Therapy to my brain and I only planned to play it till I felt better and that turned into playing it for fun cuz I remembered I could load a completed save file under a new game and then I was SURROUNDED by hot turians and remembered I had 2 hot turians of my own and I missed them v much


AU where hoshido and nohr are big huge rival high/middle(?idk) schools and lil naive bby kamui likes magical girls/boys and indirectly saves the day


The signs as people that I know in real life (according to their birth date)

Aries: My lil brother. Sweet cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. Adorable lil bby!!
Taurus: My loud and funny friend that I adore. I couldn’t live without her. Facetimes everday. Ily!
Gemini: One of my best friends. So chill and mature, fun to hang out with and open-minded. Also an older friend of mine really fun to be around and super gorgeous!
Cancer: My crush. Super outgoing and athletic. Funny and kinda popular. Such a cutie!!
Leo: One of my best friends. The sweetest person ever. Wonderful and hilarious. I would die to be like her, one of the best persons ever!!
Virgo: My super chill uncle. Calm and always has something wise to say. Super nice too!!
Libra: My mom’s boyfriend. Makes me laugh so much. Really handsome too. Also one of my best friends. Super pretty and popular!
Scorpio: My wonderful mom. A strong and independant woman. The prettiest human being ever. I admire her so much!
Sagittarius: One of my best friends that I know since 11 years. Cool and funny. Super stubborn but HILARIOUS!
Capricorn: Uh me. Loyal and stubborn. Ruthless. Sarcastic and sassy af. Caring. Super fierce. Impulsive and honest!!!
Aquarius: One of my best friends too. Chill. Makes me laugh so much. Killer fashion taste!! Also my dad, salty and sarcastic 24/7.
Pisces: My bff. 9 years of pure happiness with her! Super kind and sweet. Calm. Also my aunt. Really caring and nice!


lil bby minghao