lil' arturo

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i'm readign the woods fam from the beginning AND LIL ARTURO WAS SO CUTE??? n now he's an old old man wow i luv him n his lil face

he was somethin else just look at hims

smelly gross little boy he was so small now hes got a fat neck and one arm…………… im actually emotional now omg i need to go be alone w my thoughts


SOOoooo…I made gem/corrupted gem designs for the main villains of the PPGem AU.

I figured the more human-like villains would be non-corrupted Homeworld gems (Ace can project his former non-corrupted self as a lure), & the more animal/monster-like ones would be the corrupted gems.

The villains who’re fully human (Princess, Femme Fatale, etc.) would just be normal humans in this AU to even out the gem to human ratio. :P

Hopefully you guys all like the designs. <:) Gonna be opening my askbox again, so lemme know if you wanna see more designs or want more explanations for my version of the PPGem AU.

BTW, here’s a list of the villain’s gems:
HIM - Vanadinite
Sedusa - Bloodstone (Heliotrope)
Mojo Jojo - Lepidolite
Fuzzy Lumpkins
Watermelon Tourmaline
Amoeba Boys -
Gangreen Gang:

  • Ace - Grossularite
  • Snake - Serpentine
  • Big Billy - Chrysoberyl
  • Lil Arturo - Titanite
  • Grubber - Andradite