lil wayne skating


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These days we are bombarded with celebrity lifestyles, beach trips, mountain tops, yachts, penthouses and restaurants in everything from TV and movies to Instagram and Pinterest. Now admittedly we all want some aspect of this and we should; we should have aims and there is nothing wrong with improving your situation. The problem becomes with so much expectation it can become difficult to be comfortable with a simple, normal sometimes boring life.

As I have a strong introverted streak I have no problem with a boring chore such as the dishes as I can do this myself in silence but sitting home on a saturday doing nothing does kill me. This is of course made much worse when your next option is to turn to YouTube or Facebook which provides a variety of people doing more interesting things than you.

Although you are in control of your life and can do whatever you want there is going to be some chores, some boredom, some time spent running errands, doing normal things, “adulting” as my wife call’s it. I think this name sums it up well as this is largely something that is an issue for younger children, teenagers, young adults and maybe onward in select cases.

We do need to aim for exciting life events and find joy in everything but we also need to be mature enough to push through the work that is not exciting and realise that we all have ‘normal’ lives. Even Lil Wayne drinking, skating, sort of, and living ‘the life’ in music videos put out a daily vlog and it was very disappointing to see his normal life. He has an amazing home, jewelry, cars, clothes (he does actually own shirts!) and his own roof top skatepark but still uses the bathroom, brushes his teeth, cooks breakfast and the like.

Your life doesn’t have to be boring but there is no shame in what your life is as it will largely be the way that you have created or shaped it. We all have normal everyday, pedestrian lives and that will never change nor is it a bad thing.