lil unimerk


So this one time about two and a half week ago Lil Unimerk decided to go on an adventure to California and dragged his creator/caretaker along with him.

Along the way they found many friends and had many adventures, including train rides and late night runs to Vons and a couple trips to Ocean Beach to bask in the Californian sun that is so far away from the sun they are used to back in the Midwest. It warmed their skin and their hearts.

Lil Unimerk was even reunited with the other sonions! His crocheted compatriots who he had not seen since their completion months before. They seemed to be doing well and were taking excellent care of Michael and Mary and Misty.

Lil Unimerk would like to say thank you to everyone who made his time in California the best thing that’s happened in his short, stuffing-filled life.

And to Chloe, the current caretaker of 2/3rds of the sonions: Thank you bab. Know that every hug you give them is a hug from me. <3, Cyn.