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Ew I heard America passed a bill banning trans people from joining the military? (I'm not American forgive if I'm wrong) But oml fuck Trump honestly

Actually please make it well known that there’s been no bill passed as of yet. The Secretary of Defense was supposed to implement the official policy of accepting transgender service members by July 1st, but they opted for a six month delay. During this delay, Trump became very public about how he would be banning transgender service members. While the president is at the top of the Chain of Command in the army, he still has to go through various channels to actually get the ban implemented. He PLANS to reinstate the bill. The bill has not been reinstated.

Our biggest problem is that the government keeps doing these things and then we keep thinking there’s nothing we can do. In this case, spreading the information that he’s passed a bill makes it seem like a much harder fight than the one it really is: getting the original bill that was postponed to pass in six months. As far as we know it hasn’t been scrapped yet. It’s still a huge deal that the Commander in Chief has proclaimed this but saying it doesn’t make it law.

So what’s important is 
1) spreading correct information and
2) what can be done about it while
3) encouraging ACTION

Even if you can’t protest on street corners or donate to relevant advocate groups, the least you can do is send a letter to the Secretary of Defense

Jim Mattis
Secretary of Defense
1000 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1000

Tell him that you support in no uncertain terms the inclusion of transgender service members in all branches of military service. Tell him you demand the same constitutionally provided respect and equality for them as he would provide any other service member. Tell him that it’s his responsibility as the Secretary of Defense to ensure the success, camaraderie, and morale of the United States Armed Forces. 

This is a case where the reaction to this decision, this unofficial not-on-the-books not-yet-legalized decision, is more important than the initial action. Please by all means do whatever you can to spur people to action in the next few days and for the next six months. 


not to be rude but if a terf calls trans women men, the correct response is not to copy and paste google image results of conventionally feminine and attractive trans women. that just continues to put trans women’s value in how much we physically “pass” as women, as well as tell all women that our worth is in our looks.

170722 Music Core pre-recording fanaccount #1
  • Chen: You've been here since 8pm last night?? Isn't it dangerous?
  • EXO-L: Yes~~
  • Chen: Wah... You guys are tough...
  • Suho: How is it possible to be dangerous when there are 300 of them? They just have to say they are EXO fans and no one would touch them. We (EXO) are people who have superpowers.
  • Chen: If i earn a lot of money, i'll turn the EXO-L lightsticks into tasers.
trans danny fenton/phantom talk - episode 6

so there was that post around that already talked about this but i also want to talk about this and plus something that happens a little before it

so the episode starts off with tucker narrating and saying how close him and danny are and that they share everything

however, tucker says “we share everything… except one thing..” and danny goes ghost then tucker says “danny has super powers”

without that last bit hOW CAN YOU NOT HIT THAT CONCLUSiON OF “we share everything … except we dont have male genitalia” (well not exactly that way but it’s pretty close)

THEN the genie lady comes out of her bottle by the little girl breaking it, grants her wish, causes chaos, danny goes up to her and the genie says “i am deseray, what is your wish?”

danny says “it’s none of your business” and then she looks a little baffled and then gets close and says “surely there must be something” and she does this:

she literally just reaches over 

and touches his chest

and then danny looks so confused and terrified like

how does she know?”

“is it THAT obvious??!?!

and he then becomes super defensive and gains the ability to plasma blast with his hands and hits her off into the far distance

and from that point danny is very in to himself and is very unsure and is questioning a lot of stuff that just happened

things that give me Good Gender Feels:

  • Ripped jeans
  • Beanies
  • Leather jackets
  • Denim jackets
  • My scratchy morning voice
  • Loose graphic t-shirts
  • Being called ‘dude’ 

non-cis people feel free to add things what gives you Good Gender Feels

TERFs/truscum don’t touch

Someone made a post in the tag today about how they want creators to stop making trans Fenris content. On an unrelated note, here’s a drabble I just wrote where Fenris is trans


“Oh, thank the Maker,” Isabela moans, undoing the clasps on her shirt and dropping it in the dry grass.

“You know what, that’s a perfect idea.” Hawke sheds his pack, grasping the hem of his own shirt and stripping it off over his head.

“What are you doing?!” Aveline squawks.

Fenris is inclined to ask the same thing. Isabela’s brassiere is next, and she flings it gaily behind her. It lands on top of Aveline’s head. She has excellent aim, Fenris muses.

“Going for a swim,” Hawke answers, opening up the tie on his trousers. “I’m bloody melting.”

Evident by how his tan, freckled back shines with sweat, droplets running down his spine, winding in rivulets between his taut, powerful muscles…Fenris fixes his gaze instead on the wide, blue-black lake opening up from the stream they’ve been following. It is impolite to stare. He is also quite hot, but after the chokingly humid, mosquito-clouded jungles of Seheron, heat like this hardly merits notice.

Isabela kicks her smallclothes off and runs, bare feet dashing through the grass, letting out a whoop as she flings herself off a rock and splashes into the water below.

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