lil starbucks

reasons why me and Billie are actually the same person:

  • like harry potter a lil too much 
  • embarrassing?? just generally real embarrassing???
  • also like dogs a lil too much
  • forget the lyrics constantly when singing
  • lots of anxiety
  • wear the same pair of pants for a month
  • think adrienne armstrong is an actual beautiful goddess
  • like swmrs a lil too much
  • fuckin hate trump
  • look good in eyeliner
  • think california is pretty sweet
  • like telling people to fuck off
  • had a pet fish one time
  • like starbucks a lil too much
  • think green day is the best band ever
  • fall down a lot
  • kinda petty
  • just really love chris farley
  • feel that it’s probably for the best that nightlife doesn’t get played live
  • look mean but actually a huge fuckin nerd
  • always ready to fight anyone but always ready to hug anyone too

anonymous asked:

*crying* You're so kind and smart! You deserve all the kind anons and good fortune in your future


Few things about me:

  • I didnt know dogs had whiskers until like a year ago. I cried when I found out.
  • I thought rotisserie chickens were fried chickens in lingerie???? People talked about eating them all the time and I pretended not to be weirded out like “oh hey why are you telling me this sir, I just met you.”
  • I have this odd fascination with hands to the point my boss was talking to me and I saw his hand on the table. And I legit went wide-eyed and slapped my hand on his and said loudly “BIG HANDS????” he laughed at me and just kept talking.
  • Im allergic to 100x things but i keep eatting them anyway. 
  • I am deadly afraid of bananas. Their smell makes me RUN FAR AND FAST. Its promsien repellant
  • I HATED BEES. Until i watched 3 documentaries about them and now everytime I see a bee I cry. One flew into my lil starbucks bag and started eatting my blueberry muffin and I started crying and held the bag very still excitedly. My friend thought I lost it.
  • When I get bored around family I go to my dad and pat his belly like a bongo drum and I didn’t realize my older cousins (30s) were watching me. They are scared shitless of my dad cause he used to be in an indian mafia and kill people. But he is kind and soft with me???
  • I once got addicted to corn for 2 monthes. It was all I ate. My mother was ecastic because corn was like 4/$1.00 and she was saving money.
  • I also got addicted to blueberries. Im not allowed to eat them anymore because if I see ANY amount of blueberries I WILL EAT THEM!!!!!! (once ate 5 lbs at once 8^) )
Letter for Taylor <3 I see you in Glendale in a week!

My dearest taylorswift,

August 17th is a day I’ve been waiting for.. for what feels like eons now. I get to see you in your element again.. this time from pit. Knowing I’ll be so close to you after nine years of adoring you as much as I do is completely mind blowing. To be honest with you I’m still in a bit of denial that it’s actually happening. I attended your RED tour two years ago and I had lower level seating and I remember completely losing it when we finally got to our seats I felt so close to you but now I’ll be seeing you from LEFT PIT and I can only imagine how my feels will be in an absolute tizzy when I realize how close you’re going to be this time around. I can’t wait to share that night with you and I can say without hesitation it’ll be one of the best nights of my life.. the other being the RED tour. I’m going to do my absolute best to be completely in the moment and really cherish the time I have with you. 

You don’t know how much this time with you means to me. Looking forward to your albums and your shows a lot of the time is a huge motivator for me and keeps me going. It’s been that way since I discovered you and your music in 2006 (I heard Tim McGraw on the radio on the way to school and I was sold) a short time after a devastating and soul crushing loss myself and my family had to endure. That particular event really shook me and turned my world upside down considering how sheltered I’d been up until then. This occurred the summer before going into my freshmen year of high school and left quite an impact on my development, to say the least.. and it seemed our luck only got worse as the years went by. I had to deal with losing quite a few people who meant the world to me. Dealing with the death of my loved ones was and still is unbearable oftentimes. Situational depression and anxiety eventually morphed into clinical depression and anxiety. But through all these losses and this suffering I have definitely found solace in you and your music. 

You’ve made me feel like I am never alone. You brought magic back into my world at a time when I wasn’t so sure there would be any left. Ever since that’s what you and your music continue to do for me. There’s not one song of yours I can’t resonate with in some way. I want to thank you for always being so raw, vulnerable, open and honest in your music. You’ve taught me to be honest about my feelings and to never to allow myself to be silenced when I feel so strongly about something, regardless of what others may think. YOU shaped me into the person I am today Taylor and despite some of my struggles, it’s a person I’m overall exceedingly proud to be. I learn something new from you and that brilliant mind of yours every day. I know that in you I have someone who’s more of a friend than just my idol.. in you I have someone who I know is rooting for me even without personally knowing me. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank you for that. I just feel like there are no words adequate enough to express all the gratitude and love I have for you.

I hope with all my heart that one day I can thank you in person for everything you and your music have carried me through. It’s my ultimate dream. Even if my time to do so isn’t August 17th, I have faith my time with you is coming. One day. In the meantime I’m going to have a blast with you while you’re on that stage and savor every moment. I’m enclosing a selfie of mine again so maybe you can recognize me in PIT L. I’ll also post some photos the day of wearing my hip lil “starbucks lovers” shirt I’ll be wearing that night. If you happen to recognize me in the crowd, maybe wave and say hey? Also I’ll be accompanied by gottablankspace who is such a sweetheart! He’s adored you since Love Story came out! I love you Taylor and I promise I will remain on your side always because you’ve been a constant for me all these years when others wouldn’t or couldn’t be there.

xoxo All my love,


If anyone happens to come across this post, please reblog and get it around so maybe Taylor can see? It would mean the absolute world to me!

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