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They’re family now, that’s how it works.

Playing around with some new brushes I just bought. :3 That’s why there’s some weirdness with the coloring, sorry! STill some others I need to play with too.
Originally I had some dialogue in mind but after I finished sketching it out I realized it wasn’t really needed to follow.
For the record, that’s a tin foil bunny hat.

Edit: Made some sequels I tohught of when first drawing this one. Didn’t have time to color them.
Part 2:
Part 3:

Let’s Be Outcasts (Kankri/AR) ch 11/?

Part 2 of cyber!bunny Apocalypse ‘verse (tumblr)

ch: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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Summary: Divergent AU where AR and Li'l Seb get kicked into a new universe with some snazzy new cyborg bodies. They’re still working out the bugs.

In which AR discovers that kidnapping rarely solves more problems than it creates, Mituna breaks out of a lab (with some help), and Seb continues to take good care of his Bro.

Chapter Summary:  

it’s show and tell time :3


Ch 11.

“This is it?”

You take extreme satisfaction from the way Kankri’s nose wrinkles.  "You know, you should try for a more encouraging tone when I’m revealing myself to you. Confused distaste really does not set the mood.“

Kankri rewards you with a furrowed brow stare-down that could frost a furnace.  "I hardly think hauling me halfway through an influx zone while you wander in circles and make cryptic comments qualifies as ‘revealing.’  And the innuendo is noted and not appreciated.”  His expression changes slightly to superiority.  "I am starting to doubt you have anything of merit to reveal.“

"Oh, burn.”  You clap a hand to your heart.  "Hit a guy in his exceedingly meritous soft spots, why don’t you.“

He sniffs and returns his attention to the artifact before him.  You confess, the pair of concentric metal rings around a meter wide disc in the dirt are somewhat underwhelming.

"While I would, of course, hesitate to distress you by casting aspersions on your… soft spots, it appears you have led me to a nondescript hole in the ground.  Perhaps you could explain the relevance?  And why you believe this would merit an exchange of incriminating personal information on my part?”

"Well, for starters, it’s not a nondescript hole in the ground.  It is a nondescript piece of machinery retracted into a steel-armored shaft and sealed into a hole in the ground.  And for seconds, I heard that use of ‘incriminating’ and I would like to take a moment to register my ‘I called it’, ‘I told you so’, and ‘you totally have interesting secrets’, redeemable later.”

“It’s Game tech,” Seb puts in, then twitches an ear.  “Kinda.”

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Part 3 of my lil seb/huggy bear series. The lonely and forgotten at the end of the world.
This and part 2 were drawn for @homestuckartists comic day.
You can probably see the progess of me getting more and more tired. And to think I originally thought I’d have time to color! Too tired now, but I might edit color in later. Might not though.

Part 1:
Part 2:


@homestuckartists did a comic day, and even though I don’t have my room or computer set up right now (which is why I haven’t posted in a week) I couldn’t pass up comics, so I decided to do part 2 and 3 this comic -> of 
This is part 2.
Part 3:
This took me longer than I’d like and I’ll probably pass out once they’re both posted.