lil seb

You look up to find the unspeakable horror staring back at you with head tilted slightly in question. It’s a little blond kid in a thin grey hoodie, face solemn and eyes obscured by an extremely familiar pair of pointy sunglasses. He’s got a sword strapped to his back and a pair of metallic bunny ears poking out of his hood. The kawaii-animes have apparently been cranked up to eleven.

“…Li’l Sebastian?” {stay lost on our way home | curliecuecal


*starts singing in the tone of britney spears* oops i dirkjaked again

except for this time they are the littlest of dirkjakes. they are tiny lil babs that need hugs and glittery sprinkles of gayness and glee. they are the adorb-dorbs that course through our realm.

now step aside as i just slam dunk my trashy ass into the universe’s cosmic trashcan all space jam style and rid the world of my existence. see you space cowboy.