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Lil Rae Cakes meets Betsey Johnson

Among my inspirations… Walt Disney, Gwen Stefani, Gene Kelly, Tim Burton… is a woman named, Betsey Johnson.

As you can tell from some of my inspirations… all these people exceed/exceeded in their field.

Betsey Johnson has gone above and beyond with fashion. She has a style that stands out. She has no boundaries. 

On Saturday, November 5th, I got to meet Miss Betsey herself. I was asked to be a part of a meet & greet, which took place at her boutique in Santa Monica.

You know when you have the highest of hopes when you meet someone you look up to??… and you hope that it doesn’t ruin the pedestal you have them on??

Betsey did not fail me. If anything, it was so much more than I could’ve asked for.

She is sincerely one of the most amazing women i’ve ever met.

I think there should be a Betsey Johnson/Lil Rae Cakes takeover… don’t you think?? :)

Mini Lil Rae Cakes inspired by Betsey Johnson

A special thank you to my friend, Emily, for helping me out! She’s considered my “events lead”. ;)