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Hello yes pls tell me about ur ocs Aiden and Allen they're precious lil children and I want to smush their faces

OHHH ANON!! Sorry for the late reply!! T_T omg I’m so happy you’re interested in them? 

Let’s see Allen is the more level headed of the twins, and also the younger one! He values safety, stability, and knowledge. Very protective and supportive of his big brother. While he is the more mature of the two, he often gets jealous and won’t stop whining… nonetheless he is a very graceful and sweet boy! 

Aiden is the driving force of the twins! Most of their actions are his idea, so they’re always doing crazy shit. He’s very reckless with his body, so he’s generally seen sporting a couple injuries. He’s more cheery and outgoing than Allen, but also has a tendency to be very blunt/rude to ppl he finds threatening. A little lazy at times and definitely a numskull… He cares for Allen more than anything.

Both of them are a semi-famous contortionist duo! They live on the streets and travel from town to town to perform. But they’re also infamous thieves, and will steal all ur money if u let your guard down LOL. So basically they’re gremlins

highlight of my favorite things namjoon said on the vlive:

  • i love mexico i love taco
  • im staying healthy so don’t worry
  • it’s purple but it’s pink doe
  • itz your grape grape mon
  • huulololol
  • pizza sucks without you ♪ ~
  • “don’t drink too much coffee” OHH I’ll take a decaf
  • i tried taco and burrito 
  • i love you
  • “you’re the love of my life” thanksss you are 😏
  • im just on the bed
  • eat a lot of vegetables and omega 3
  • i love you guys and yeah, have a good day
  • always stay healthy, and drink a lot of water, yanno what i mean right?
But consider this

Steven’s PTSD getting worse due to witnessing Lars’ (whose basically his big brother now lbr) brutal death, the thought of possibly making him a zombie, and having to leave him behind on a hostile alien planet just after getting so close to him.