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And second of all, y e s

it’s hard falling in love with Yuuri Katsuki. Wait, scratch that, falling for him is the easiest thing to do. Being in love with Yuuri is where things get complicated. Phichit pities everyone who approaches Yuuri hoping to start a relationship. And it’s not like Yuuri’s ever outright rejected anyone, far from it. That type of stuff just never crosses his mind much. Which, more often than not, leads to him not even being aware of the advances that are being made on him.

Phichit knows that. And yet, he pauses for a moment every time the question is asked 

“Would you like to go out?”

Phichit holds his coffee to his lips, his finger lingering above his phone screen but he doesn’t scroll down on his Instagram feed, until…

“Sorry, Im busy.” Ouch. Phichit watches his friend return his gaze to his homework, not even thinking twice about his answer. Or the girl who stood there for a second, searching for answers in Phichit’s eyes, (Not that he’d say anything, he’d purposely deviated his attention towards his phone once again) and right after, walked away with her head down. 

Phichit rarely intervenes with this type. He’d later tell her that his friend didn’t mean it like that and she shouldn’t hold it against him, that it was just his personality.

When they’re the more pushy type, however, to the point where they actively prevent Yuuri from going back to his work with their nagging, Phichit just has to step in. Mostly it only takes lacing his fingers with Yuuri’s, a bat of his eyelashes and a “Sorry, he’s taken” for them to leave. Others take a little more effort, in which Phichit has to step into his best friend’s personal space, breathe into his ear, never breaking eye contact with the other person until they finally leave.

Yuuri goes along with it. And Phichit is totally *not* staring at Yuuri’s flushed face as he mutters a thank you in between a sigh of relief. He thinks none of it, though, until a week later when Yuuri asks, “I’m sorry for this but could you, um, pre…pretend to be my… uh… it’s just, I can rarely catch these things and I’ll just end up hurting someone’s feelings without realizing it so–”

“Yuuri,” He says, to stop him from rambling “Yuuri! It’s okay. Want me to be your fake boyfriend? We can fake-end it when we both have to go back home!”

Although he suggested it, Yuuri seemed the most relieved that Phichit always seemed to understand his feelings, even better than he did himself sometimes, “Thank you, really, I don’t know what I’d do without you”

Phichit always knew falling for Yuuri was the easy part. Even going on fake-dates with him, buying each other fake-anniversary presents, taking couple selfies together he promised to delete once they fake-ended their fake-relationship. All of that was easy. Easier than listening to Yuuri excitedly tell him about how Victor, –The Victor Nikiforov of Yuuri’s posters, screen saver, and life-long affection– was helping Yuuri understand things about himself Yuuri never dreamed of, how he’d found, for the very first time something he can call love, and how he wanted to hold on to it forever. 

Even all that was easier than putting on the warmest smile he could manage, one that he saved for Yuuri only, “Look at you! Living a life most people could only dream of~ I’m a little jealous, to be honest”

“What are you saying? Love will find you easy!” Yuuri laughs. And Phichit does the same in response because yes, falling for Yuuri was the easy part. Realizing Yuuri could never find in him the things he does with Victor, that, was the hardest part.

“So what’s it gonna be, huh? Long sullen silence or mean comment?”

Since I’m on a superhero kick at the moment and I just got to see Deadpool, have a late night sketch of some Negasonic Teenage Warhead!

Don’t Go (Bucky x Reader)

Request: #1 with Bucky❤💕

#1: “Please don’t go. Don’t leave me all alone here… I’m scared.”

Warnings: mention of nightmares, fluff

(Y/C/E) = Your color eyes

Enjoy :)

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Jealous!Wanda Maximoff Headcanons:

  • First off: Jealous Wanda is the best Wanda.
  • She get’s really really protective when she’s jealous. 
  • And very easily triggered too. Someone could just look at you with a hint of lust and she’ll eye them down until they leave.
  • It’s not that she doesn’t trust you, of course. It’s more like she wants everyone to know that you belong to her, and she belongs to you. And no matter what no one can tear you apart.
  • Wanda has no problem with straight up making out with you in public and flipping whoever was flirting with you. 
  • (She’s such a good kisser when angry.)
  • And i’m not saying she’d totally lead you to an empty hallway or closet to show/tell you how much she loves you but….
  • If your at a club together she’d pull you closer to her while you dance, whispering to you that you’re her everything, and that you shouldn’t doubt it for a second.
  • And ohhhhhh boy if it’s one of your teammates?
  • Let’s just say next training sesh she’d kick their ass.
Top Shelf [Requested]

avengers269 asked:

Can you do a Bucky x reader where the reader is short and curvy. With curly hair. And he does something cute for her? please?

Of course. It’ll be out around Wednesday or sooner. Thx for requesting.

I quickly drained my glass of water, hating the humid, sweltering weather. I fanned my face slightly after struggling to put my curly (h/c) hair in a messy bun, and I glanced at the burning gaze to my left.

I rolled my eyes, and I scowled, “What do you want, Bucky?”

He smirked before giving me a sultry gaze, and I laughed, “No way. It’s too hot today.”

His smug grin immediately dropped from his face, and he had a slight pout on his face, which he hadn’t shaven in a couple of days.

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