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// So @furryliciousbeast showed me this amazing tattoo that they are gettting with my drawing of Little Devil Teemo!

// This really made my day! I’m so happy and proud that my drawings can possibly go over to something as amazing as this <3 ;u;

I had a duo partner from school whom I dated for a while. He was charming and funny but I later found out it was a ruse. In reality, he was possessive and controlling. He would verbally abuse me for mistakes or for playing with other boys. I got fed up and broke up with him, blocked him and changed my summoner name, but he suddenly showed up at my house, and I’ve never given him my address before. My dad and the threat of police drove him away, but I’m scared he’ll show up again.

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I need more of your modern parenting headcanons! Could we get some with Ace, Whitebeard, and Izo?

Thank you! I love writing these lmao?

also this took really long sorry boo 💖💖


  • Alright, so it’s really really hard for me to see him as a parent
  • He’s more of the really cool aunt who just kinda shows up out of no where and chills at people’s houses
  • His favorite years are probably the teen years, as it’s easier for him bc it’s like having a friend rather than taking care of a screaming potato
  • Though they’re super caring & don’t want their kiddo to go through any hardships, he LIVES for the high school salt 
  • Honestly he is probably is, if not one of the most petty people in the OP universe, & will help & absorb all the drama 
  • ^ Salty Sundays; the two of them will go to the mall, splurge, bitchily sip fancy coffee, & talk shit 
  • I mean, he’s the go to person for fashion advice; you’ll either always be complimented or told to ‘pour gasoline and burn those trashy rags’
  • that’s all I got


  • low-key probably the best dad in the op universe
  • His home is always open to any of his kids or their friends, or literally any kiddo in need
  • He trusts his kids, a lot. It’s very hard to break his trust
  • He’s also super forgiving and won’t hold anything ever against his kids
  • Even though it’s Thatch’s thing to cook; Whitebeard can totally grill out
  • Like during the summer, every Saturday everyone on the block comes together for like a party. People bring sides and drinks, and he just grills tf out of some grillable items
  • probably coaches a lil league 
  • He cares about school and grades, but only if they aren’t about to have a mental breakdown; bc to him a letter isn’t worth your sanity
  • he’s just a good dad man, you can’t really put it in words, he just is
  • like for real can he be my dad plz


  • the lit dad
  • that was not a pun
  • Shows up for EVERY dance recital, sport event, spelling bee, graduation
  • rEALLY LIKES playing with his kids
  • ^ they have really good imaginations & can make a castle out of a box??? who else can do that besides kids
  • ^^ and they’re super accepting & random too, ‘you wanna play pirates kiddo?’ “only if I can be a scientist, cowboy, princess, pirate’ ‘okay’ 
  • He’s pretty random too, like he’ll wake up & be like ‘yo kids, wanna go on a road trip to see the worlds largest yarn ball? if you’re not ready in five minutes I’m leaving without you’
  • garbage dad jokes
  • you know that weird thing when guys wear the baby chest strap thing? & then a bunch of girls come up and start flirting with them but they all have to do with the baby or being a dad so it’s kinda weird. yeah he’s that guy
  • *tries to make pancakes, some how they get stuck to the ceiling* 
  • literally has no idea what he’s doing help. him.