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People will do it more if you just let them. They think it’s okay. I didn’t say that to Dr. Do to take your side. If I saw any other person being treated like that at this hospital, I would have done the same. 

I've been noticing a trend with twins in cartoons...

So there’s the more common identical (even if they’re fraternal they still look identical) sets like Phil and Lil from Rugrats, Mas y Menos si podemos! from Teen Titans, Eska and Desna and Wing and Wei from Legend of Korra, Dave and Ping Pong and Chip and Skip from Camp Lazlo, Jim and Tim from Kim Possible etc. who are basically two halves of a whole and are rarely ever seen apart.

But if anyone ever strays from that stereotype, it’s almost always a boy and a girl (who still look pretty damn similar) who basically inverted versions of each other. The sister is the more adventurous, energetic, outgoing twin, while the boy is more quiet, shy, and nerdy/geeky, like Zak and Weezy from Dragon Tales, Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls, and Scooter and Skeeter from Muppet Babies. I get the importance of character foils, but jeez, mix it up a bit, people.

… And then there’s Dag and Norb. They’re their own category.

In conclusion, I may be slightly irked that they never make cool girl twins who I can relate to, and also I watch way too much TV.
we all got a lil' bit of ho in us -- Ch.1: Trini
by commandmetobwell, a Kimberly x Trini fanfiction from Power Rangers (2017)
By Organization for Transformative Works

A few weeks after their time in the pit, Trini discovers Kimberly’s more… tasteful desires.

This story features a Daddy Kink, so be warned if that squicks you!

Okay so listen up y’all, the entire thing is too fucking long for one part so I split up into two parts. This one is a bit lighter with the daddy kink because it’s about them discovering it (Heart to Hart isn’t necessary to read, but recommended) after their first time together. Tbh I don’t know what any of this is other than to tell you the next part is down right filthy and that it’s 100% just pure filthy smut.

hope ya heathens enjoy this and send me more daddy!kim prompts because she honestly slays my entire life and owns my whole ass and soul rip me.

special thanks @gillytweed for yelling with me about our lord and saviour daddy kim. daddy kim has watered our crops and cleared our skin so amen to her.