lil ivy

&. ` hiya, fam!!!! it’s mama q here w/ her lil babie ivy!!! just a wee bit abt myself.. ..i am twenty-one yrs old, reside in pst, and use she/her pronouns :~) i am so fckn excited that this is actually happening??? and if you’re here like, i love you SO much i cannot even properly express it..  . basically.. . like… . u mean everything to me & u make me so happy :’))) anyway!!! enough sap!!!! below is a lil background on ivy + some bits abt her personality. i’ll be bouncing back n forth between here & the main so if u have any questions hmu on either!!!! love you!!!!!!!!! 

tw: alcoholism, terminal illness, death 

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“well i guess i have to kiss someone else now so that we’re even.”

“who would you kiss?”

“i’ll kiss frankie!”

“i’ve lost my girlfriend to a toddler. i’ve nothing to live for.”

  • Me, who has never read Ava's Demon: why do these people have storage rooms in their torsos

bunch of doodlies of lil ivy and paps (dubbed poppy cause tiddy never told me no so >:))) )

poppy gave ivy his sweater, jacket and gold tooth after he got into the guard and a home and other celebratory things throughout their adult years

reworkin stuff w/ baby ivy now sooo lmao


<p>Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Blue Ivy, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Janelle Monae, Jidenna (some of Hip Hop royalty) meets Avatar: The Last Airbender with an African Influence</p>

Why are we not talking about lil’ Gotham???  I mean, the art is beautiful 

AND this is important: look at how Harley validates Ivy’s feelings, and she recognises “"sitting down day” as something Ivy needs and doesn’t get mad at her or anything 


Basically how come I didn’t know about this, and everyone should read lil Gotham