lil hanny


Sleepy Bunnie Hannie (_ _).。o○ 

Smooth lil' Hannie

Jeonghan: You must be tired. Why? You’re always running though my mind
Me: Awe how cute
Jeonghan: I want to drink sul (alcohol)
Boys: What kind of alcohol?
Jeonghan: Ip-sul! (Your lips)
Me: Haha Jeonghan pls chill
Jeonghan: Where is it? I lost the key!
Boys: What key?
Jeonghan: The key to your heart!

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just curious: how do u think lil hanni gets away with all the cannibal jokes? i mean, even if they do get a lil ridiculous, i love them, but still. like i watched most of the show in 3 days and i was facepalming by S2. like how?!

Well, the jokes are all there for the audience really, aren’t they? We know what he is which is exactly what makes us be like “Really, Hannibal??”

I think it was Jack that set the bar for those comments with “He should’ve hopped faster” which Hannibal follows up with “yes, he should have”. So Jack opened the door to those kinds of jokes in his company.

And I don’t think the rest happen often enough to raise any questions – over the 13 episodes, yes, but to specific characters it’s like once every month+. And he’s making silly comments at dinner with friends, he’s not talking about being hungry around a dead body or anything like that. They’re all pretty tame/lame within the setting.

In the moment you likely wouldn’t think anything of it (except maybe ‘get some better jokes’), but with hindsight they’re gonna slap everyone in the face.

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So they're saying those funko dolls are SDCC exclusive. Does that mean they will only be sold at SDCC or will they be available in stores afterwards?

The Lil Hanni with the blood on his face is the SDCC exclusive. 

Avaliable to everyone is a Hanni without blood, a “casual” Will and an imprisoned Will, a Jack and the MOST ADORABLE lil Wendigo EVA.

I’m gunna try and get hold of SDCC exclusives to give away (I am trading SDCC exclusive Funkos for goodies from my store, wristbands, badges, letters etc. I would like to get hold of as many as pos, so, give us a shout!)

We have only seen the final versions of the SDCC Exclusive and the Wendigo